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Graduate Scholarships for Study Abroad in Individual Countries/Regions


The Scholarship, administered by the US-Ireland Alliance, a non-partisan, non-profit organization based in Washington, DC, is named in honor of the pivotal role the former Maine Senator played in the Northern Ireland peace process. Awards are for a year of post-graduate study at universities in Ireland and Northern Ireland.


  • German Chancellor Scholarship

Since 1990, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation has awarded 10 German Chancellor Scholarships annually to prospective leaders from the U.S.A. (under 35 years of age) in the academic, economic and political fields, enabling them to carry out research projects of their own choice in Germany. During one-year research stays, scholars are also given an opportunity to gain an insight into the social, cultural, economic and political situation in Germany.

  • Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program

To provide young American professionals (23-34) with executive level internships in the federal government and private sectors in Germany. Seminars in Berlin, Paris, Strasbourg and Brussels provide a meaningful understanding of issues facing the European Union and Germany today. Candidates are competitively chosen from the fields of business administration, economics, journalism and mass communications, law, political science and public affairs/public policy. Duration: 9 months.

  • Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals

Scholarship program with strong focus on the cultural experience, designed to give participants understanding for life, education, and professional training in Germany. Intended primarily for young adults (18-24) in business, technical, vocational, and agricultural fields. Duration: 12 months

European Union

  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

Scholarships available for graduate study for various European Masters Courses. The European Maters Courses are joint degree programs in a number of subjects offered by a consortium of at least three universities in at least three different European countries. For example, students can complete the Erasmus Mundus Masters in Journalism and Media within Globalization: The European Perspective by attending universities in Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands. A complete list of European Masters Course can be found on the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship website.

Central and Eastern Europe

  • IREX

Individual Advanced Research Opportunities (IARO) fellowships to professionals with terminal degrees, master's students, and predoctoral and postdoctoral scholars and from the United States for individual long-term policy-relevant research in Europe and Eurasia.


CENTRAL, EASTERN AND SOUTHERN EUROPE RESEARCH PROGRAM: Provides full support for three to nine month research trips to eastern, central and southern Europe. Fellowships include round-trip international travel, living stipends, visas, insurance, and affiliation fees. Typical awards: $5,000 to $15,000. Funded by the U.S. Department of State, Program for Research and Training on Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States. Open to graduate students, post-docs, and faculty.


  • Research Student Scholarships

Research Student Scholarships offer college graduates and graduate students the opportunity to study and research a specific field at a Japanese university.


Fellowships (up to $18,000) and grants ($3,000) to individuals to pursue research or study in one or more Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden) for up to one year. Awards are made in all fields.

United Kingdom

ESU offers scholarships for study at a British graduate school. Awards are in the amount of $15,000 for each of one or two years.

  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships

Awards are given to scholars of outstanding academic merit and leadership potential, who are committed to serving their communities, and who gain admission to the University of Cambridge (applicants to scholarship must simultaneously apply to University of Cambridge) to pursue courses of study as follows: second Bachelor degree as an affiliated student, one year postgraduate courses, or research leading to the degree of PhD.

The British Marshall Scholarships are intended to express the gratitude of the British people to the American people for the Marshall plan by encouraging "intellectually distinguished young Americans who will one day become leaders, opinion formers and decisions makers..." to study for a degree in the United Kingdom.

Each year, up to forty Marshall Scholarships are awarded for two years of study in any British university and in any discipline (either at undergraduate or graduate level) leading to the award of a British university degree. The total award value of a Marshall Scholarship will vary according to circumstances (selected university, residence, etc.), but will include payment of tuition fees, personal allowance, grant for books, and travel expenses.

The CSUEB deadline is August 15. All interested candidates must speak with the Exchange Program Advisor at the Center for International Education prior to submitting and application.

The Rhodes Scholarships, established in 1903, bring outstanding students from around the world to pursue their studies at the University of Oxford. Each year, the Rhodes selection committees seek "excellence in qualities of the mind and in qualities of person which, in combination, offer the promise of effective service to the world in the decades ahead." Rhodes Scholarships are awarded for two years of study, with the possibility of renewal for a third. This scholarship is designed for US citizens who have completed their bachelor’s degree by the time the program begins.

The CSUEB deadline is August 15. All interested candidates must speak with the Exchange Program Advisor at the Center for International Education prior to submitting and application.

Note on Marshall and Rhodes Scholarships:

The competition for both of these scholarships is very strong, but please do not be deterred by this factor alone. If you meet the eligibility requirements and have strong, persuasive reasons for wanting to study at a British university, please consider applying. Both awards require official endorsement from Cal State East Bay.

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