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CSU International Programs

CSUIP is the official overseas study program for the entire California State University system.

  • Programs in 18 different countries
  • Coursework available for numerous majors
  • Many programs require no prior foreign language study
  • Students earn resident credit while studying abroad
  • Financial aid (except for work study) applies
  • IP programs are one year in length
  • Students receive assistance from a Resident Director or local staff once overseas
  • Sophomores may study abroad in one of 8 program locations

Please visit Online Application Form for additional information.

  • Minimum of 2.75 GPA at time of application (some programs require 3.0)
  • Language and coursework requirements vary by program

Application Deadline:

  • February 1st (for all countries except Australia and South Africa)
  • September 1st (for Australia and South Africa)
  • Online Application Form

In addition to the online application, you will need to submit the following information/documents to the Center for International Education (CIE):

  • A photocopy of your passport identification page (be sure to sign your passport before copying)
  • 1 Recommendation.  Please collect the recommendation from your faculty member in a sealed envelope and deliver to the Center for International Education by the application deadline.
  • 1 Foreign Language Recommendation (If applicable). Print out the form from the Application Link and read the cover sheet to see if it is required for your program.  Please collect the recommendation from your foreign language instructor in a sealed envelope and deliver it to the Center for International Education by the application deadline.
  • You will also need to submit official transcripts to the Center for International Education (SF 102) by February 1
    • Official transcripts from ALL colleges and universities previously attended except CSUEB.  Please be sure that transcripts include grades for any coursework taken during fall.  Please have all transcripts mailed to your address, and then bring them to me in a sealed envelope.  If you have the transcript mailed directly to CIE, there is risk that it might be accidentally sent to the Admissions Office and I will be unable to retrieve it to forward to the CSU International Programs office.
    • After the February 1 application deadline, CIE will request official CSUEB transcripts for all CSUIP applicants, and forward those to the CSU International Programs office on your behalf. 
  • We will be conducting CSU IP interviews after the application deadline. During that time you will receive an email from either Kelly Moran or Lé Shawn Cheatham with available dates/time slots for interviews. 
  • It is strongly recommended that you speak with your academic advisors and financial aid counselor to discuss your plans before you complete the application form.
  • Be sure to read the "Instructions for Applicants" carefully before completing the application!
  • Number 1 on the application - be sure to read section 1a of the "Instructions for Applicants!"
  • Number 2 – You need not include a second choice. However, if you have a second choice, you must complete further paperwork. Instructions are in 1b of "Instructions for Applicants."
  • Number 11 – Your cumulative GPA includes work from all higher education institutions.
  • Number 18 – You are required to request official transcripts of all colleges and universities you list in this section.
  • Number 19 – This sections determines your eligibility, so write down all requirements as listed in the IP brochures and list all classes that you have taken or will take, that meets the requirements. If the program requires completion of lower division requirements for your major, then make sure you list ALL lower division requirements.
  • Statement of Purpose – it is recommended that you ask someone to read the Statement of Purpose before you hand it in. The Student Center for Academic Achievement can help proofread papers.
  • Scholarships – if you haven’t done so already, please review scholarship opportunities available to you, and applicable deadlines. More information on study abroad scholarships is available.

As part of the application process, all students must attend an interview. This interview is another opportunity to express your reasons for wanting to study abroad. The interview usually last 30-40 minutes and will serve as an additional recommendation fromCSU East Bay to the CSU IP evaluation committee. The committee will include the IP Coordinator, the faculty representative to the CSU Advisory Committee for International Programs (ACIP) member, plus about 2 faculty/staff members. Past IP students may also be part of the committee.

  • You need not dress up for the interview – please wear clothes you are comfortable in.
  • Please remember to be on time for the interview!!
  • Preparing for the interview: Before the interview, you should read as much as you can about the program to which you are applying. You should have read the IP website and IP Bulletin. Make use of the facebook group for the program you are applying to, become familiar with current events, read online newspapers, etc. 

In general, we will cover at minimum, the following issues in the interview:

  • Why do you want to study abroad—particularly in the program and country you chose?
  • How does study abroad meet your academic and career goals?
  • Have you met all the requirements (stated under the Eligibility section of the country brochures) of the program? If not, what are the reasons?
  • How motivated are you to study abroad and how adaptable are?
  • How much do you know about the country you are going to? (e.g. the political system, history, culture)
  • Will you be able to meet the financial aspects of your program?
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