Resources for Parents and Families


We are excited to have launched our Undocumented Student Resources web site. Our goal is to help undocumented students, parents and families, and allies navigate the range of programs and resources offered at Cal State East Bay.

Creating a safe and reassuring environment on this campus is central to our vision as we recognize the many students who are from mixed-status families. We make every effort to create a campus climate where students can easily connect with UndocuAlly staff, faculty and each other, in order to complete their educational and career goals.

The best thing parents and families can do to support their student is to keep up to date with your student. Talk frequently with your student about how they are doing in school, and encourage them to find support on this site and on campus to meet their goals. You can also educate yourself and your family by keeping up with news and community resources.

There are many Resources for Students on campus to help students achieve academically and also to support their healthy functioning while they are at the university. If your student is stressed or anxious, you might encourage them to seek counseling at the Student Health and Counseling Services. Students can find an UndocuAlly on campus to assist them with finding other support resources.

Mixed Status Families

Cal State East Bay is mindful of the concerns of students with mixed status families which may have one or more members who are undocumented. We encourage you to talk with your family and make a plan in the event that your family may become separated due to custody, emergencies or other unforeseen situations. Contact one of our UndocuAllies to find additional support and advocacy resources by sending an e-mail to:

Family Preparedness Plan

Immigrant Legal Resource Center has put together a guide to help families prepare in case an undocumented member is arrested by ICE. There is also a step-by-step planning guide with things like a Caregiver's Authorization Affidavit and a place to put contact and property information should someone else need to manage a family's needs. The ACLU has a Deportation Preparedness Kit that addresses arrests and what to do.

Pioneer Parents

Cal State East Bay’s Parent and Family Programs web site is a resource for parents of prospective and current university students. 

Pioneers for Hope

Cal State East Bay's Pioneers for Hope program lists dates for upcoming food pantry appointments, CalFresh (a nutrition assistance program), and other community resources for low-income individuals and families.