UndocuAlly Directory

We know how important it is for undocumented students to know there are faculty and staff who are knowledgeable on undocumented student issues and who are ready and willing to support them. At Cal State East Bay, undocumented students can expect to find allies across our campus who can support and help them access a variety of resources and services.

UndocuTask Force

Name Department Title Contact
Antonio Martinez
Educational Opportunity Program
EOP Counselor


(510) 885-3751

Brianne Gardley Financial Aid Scholarship Specialist


(510) 885-2784

Belen Menjivar Educational Opportunity Program EOP Outreach & Admission Coordinator belen.menjivar@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-2959
Christina Chin- Newman Human Development Professor christina.chin-newman@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-4570
Cindy Salinas
Office of Prospective Student Services Freshman Student Success Coaching and Lecturer cindy.salinas@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-2130
Crystal Perez
English Assistant Professor
crystal.perez@csueastbay.edu                                                                          (510) 885-3151
Eileen Barrett English Professor eileen.barrett@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3381
Guilherme Diehl Educational Opportunity Program EOP Counselor guilherme.diehl@csueastbay.edu                                                             (510) 885-3751
Kathryn Kirkpatrick
Counseling Services
SSP Academic Related II 12 Mo kathryn.kirkpatrick@csueastbay.edu                                                             (510) 885-3735
Maria Orozco
Educational Opportunity Program EOP Counselor


(510) 885-3751

Maria Silva Financial Aid  Financial Aid Undocu-Advisor maria.silva@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-2784
Mariaelena Gonzalez
Financial Aid Assoc Dir. of Financial Aid mariaelena.gonzalez@csueastbay.edu                                                    d(510) 885-2784
Martin Castillo Student Affairs, Campus Life Associate Vice President- Undocu Taskforce * Co-hair martin.castillo@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3601
Rocio Camarena Office of Diversity Diversity Office Coordinator *Undocu-Task Force Chair


(510) 885-2887

Rosa Mora  Consulting Services Counseling Laison for Undocumented Students 


Shauna Olsen Hong Counseling Services Director of Counseling Svcs shauna.hong@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3732
Sonia Jethani
Financial Aid Director, Financial Aid


(510) 885-2784

Veronica Salceda Student Equity and Success Administrative Analyst veronica.salceda@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3771



Name Department Title Contact
Andrea Lum  President  Executive Assistant Chief of Staff andrea.lum@csueastbay.edu                (510) 885-3877
Andrew Carlos  Library STEM/Web Services Librarian andrew.carlos@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-2303
Angelica Rosales  University Extension Fiscal Coordinator angelica.garcia2@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-2306
Belen Menjivar  EOP Outreach & Admission Coordinator Outreach/Admissions Counselor belen.menjivar@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-2959
Bethany Villafuerte  CSCI Student Service Center Academic Advisor bethany.villafuerte@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-4046
Bill Irwin  Athletics Academic Advisor bill.irwin@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-2966
Brian Cook  University Extension Associate Vice President brian.cook@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-7504
Cecilia Zefeldt  Concord Campus Operations Coordinator cecilia.zefeldt@csueastbay.edu
(925) 602-6775
Celia Jimenez  Academic Services, Concord Campus Administrative Assistant celia.jimenez@csueastbay.edu
(925) 602-6702
Cindy Salina  Freshman Student Success Coaching and Lecturer Enrollment Counselor cindy.salinas@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-2130
Claire Valerama- Wallace Nursing Assistant Professor claire.valderama-wallace@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3481
Cristian Gaedicke  Engineering Assistant Professor cristian.gaedicke@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-2208
Danvy Le Sociology & Social Services Assistant Professor duke.austin@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-4127
Dave Vasquez Office of Admission Assistant Director dave.vasquez@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-2029
Diana Balgas Director of Student Outreach Executive Director diana.balgas@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-4573
Douglas Taylor  English Assistant Professor douglas.taylor@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3151
Duke Austin Sociology & Social Services Assistant Professor duke.austin@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-4127
Dwyla Jourdan  Student Life & Leadership Advisor, Academic Clubs and Honor Societies dwyla.jourdan@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3877
Eric Kupers Theater & Dance Professor eric.kupers@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3154
Evelia Jimenez Academic Advising & Career Education Academic Counselor evelia.jimenez@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-4680
Gr Kerr University Libraries Online Learning & Outreach Librarian gr.keer@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-2968
Jaime Maldonado  College of Science Assistant to the Dean jaime.maldonado@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3441
Janet Snyder  Math & Computer Science Student Services Coordinator janet.snyder@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3354
Jessica Santone  Art Assistant Professor jessica.santone@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3325
Julie Mielke  College of Education & Allied Studies Analyst/Academic Scheduler julie.mielke@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-7885
Kelley Ramos  Chemistry/Biochemistry Office Manager kelley.ramos@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3452
Kelly Moran  Center for International Education Director kelly.moran@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-2903
Kevin Callahan  Mathematics Professor kevin.callahan@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3950
Lara Dungan  Nursing & Health Science Admissions Coordinator lara.dungan@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3481
Lene Korn  Nursing & Health Science Department Chair lynn.vanhofwegen@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3481
Liam Hawkyard  Diversity & Inclusion Student Center (DISC) DISC Office Manager liam.hawkyard@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-7069
Linda Beebe General Education Advisor linda.beebe@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-2939
Linda Ivey  History  Associate Professor/Chair linda.ivey@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-2166
Lyn Scott  TED Assistant Professor lyn.scott@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-4684
Lynn Van Nursing & Health Science Department Chair lynn.vanhofwegen@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3481
Maria Ortuoste  Political Science Associate Professor maria.ortuoste@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3840
Lena Korn-Clark Office of Prospective Student Services Welcome Center Coordinator lena.kornclark@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-2538
Martin Castillo  Student Affairs, Campus Life Associate Vice President martin.castillo@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3601
Mo Her  Academic Advising & Career Education Graduation Advisor mo.her@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3621
Murray Horne  Psychology Assistant Professor murray.horne@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-4787
Nancy Jimenez  Student Life & Leadership Transfer Student Programs Coordinator nancy.jimenez@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-4746
Phillip Cole- Regis  Academic Programs & Grad Studies Grad Studies Coordinator philip.coleregis@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3286
Rebecca Olivera  Office of the President Executive Office Manager rebecca.olivera@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3877
Rona Romjue  Nursing & Health Sciences Admissions Associate rona.romjue@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3481
Sarah Taylor  Social Work Associate Professor sarah.taylor@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-2155
Satinder Malhi  Office of the President Associate Director, Government & Community Relations satinder.malhi@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-3828
Shannon Coskran  Academic Advising & Career Education PACE Counselor and Coordinator shannon.coskran@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-7223
Stacey Bellonei Student Health & Counseling Services Counselor/Faculty stacey.bellone@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-2249
Susana Moraga  Academic Advising & Career Education Academic and Career Counselor susana.moraga@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-4236
Terry Labeaux Risk Management Title IX Coordinator terri.labeaux@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-4918
Tristan Garcia  Concord Campus Academic & Career Counselor tristan.garcia@csueastbay.edu
(925) 602-6712
Violeta Munoz Student Housing & Residential Life Business Services Manager violeta.munoz@csueastbay.edu
(510) 885-7664