Important Documents

Students of Cal State East Bay should fill out a Residency Questionnaire.This begins a review of your eligibility for in-state residency status. Otherwise students will pay out-of-state resident rates for tuition.

What is the Affidavit?

  • The affidavit states that the student will adjust their status, as soon as they are eligible to do so.
  • The affidavit is required by example at end of document law by the public college where the students will be attending.
  • California State Aid and State University Grant Recipients must have the affidavit on file in order to receive the funding. 
  • Students are not required to submit a new affidavit when there is continuous enrollment.
  • The information on the affidavit is kept confidential, as required by law.

The Affidavit is also called an AB-540 Form or a California Non-Resident Tuition Exemption Request. All three names are valid and interchangeable.