2023 Year of Expansion

It's been a terrific year with the Fellowship program expanding to the Economics Department and across campus to the College of Science.

The Power Your Purpose Forum also expanded into a 2-day event at both the Oakland Center and Hayward Campus.

Attendees took professional headshots and networked with other leaders and professionals while sessions tackled topics including women in tech, career transitions, disability inclusion, exploring the capital stack, women in education facilities organizations, and the way we work in a post-pandemic world. 

A Colorful Conversation About Women Leaders
Watch the Keynote with Kyra Kyles, YR Media

Kyra Kyles spoke on Day 1 of Power Your Purpose at the Oakland Center, touching on helping one another unapologetically, making room at the table, and focusing in on the business and moral case. 

The 2022-23 Women in Leadership Program closes the first weekend of May. For the WIL Finale, fellows will give final presentations on their leadership projects.


If you are interested in learning more about WIL or want to get involved, please contact us.

Brianna Newton

Brianna Newton- BSBA, Human Resources

Brianna worked with Desi Rainbow to create a handbook that can be utilized by part-time employees, volunteers, and board members. As the organization prepares to bring on part-time employees, she was able to research various ways employees can be paid, what determines an employee vs an independent contractor, and create an offer letter template for them to use. Desi Rainbow is a non-profit organization that provides support, education, and advocacy for South Asian LGBTQ+ folks and their families. This project allows Desi Rainbow to direct more time and resources toward fulfilling its mission.
Nitya Malladi

Nitya Malladi- MS Business Analytics

Nitya worked with Juma Ventures on a project to identify potential locations for their expansion plans across the United States. She was tasked with conducting extensive quantitative research and data collection on various locations’ sports, events, non-profit, and philanthropic landscapes. Through this process, she also re-calibrated and refined Juma's site assessment/scoring tool based on insights generated from the analysis. Ultimately, she was able to compile a list of locations that are best suited for Juma to expand its presence. She hopes that the findings from this project will aid Juma in its efforts to empower and uplift disconnected youth by providing them with employment opportunities.

Saranya Anandan

Saranya Anandan- MS Business Analytics

In April, Saranya represented CSUEB at the CSU Research Competition in San Diego.

The REMINDER digital assistant is a solution that aims to help people with dementia or Alzheimer's disease. The product is a combination of hardware and software and includes a lightweight, compact design that is easy to transport. The core circuit includes an ESP8266 Wifi Module, a voltage regulator, and a buzzer, while the external packaging is made from environmentally friendly materials. The product is designed to be user-friendly with a compatible app for Android and IOS platforms, making it easier for patients and their families to locate misplaced items. At a low cost of $5 per unit, REMINDER is a practical and cost-effective solution that provides patients with the support they need to carry out daily activities with ease.

Ayushi Dwivedi

Ayushi Dwivedi- College of Science

"Chartbuster - Making data more accessible"

The World Institute on Disability reports that almost all websites on the internet (98%) are not accessible to people with vision problems, even when using screen readers. This project aims to improve the accessibility and user experience of data charts for visually impaired individuals by creating a browser extension. The extension will use a machine learning algorithm to identify data charts on websites and provide a tabular analysis that can be easily accessed with screen readers. Additionally, the extension will include sound effects to indicate changes in the data. The goal is to create an accessible solution that meets standards and can be used by a wide range of visually impaired individuals.

Karimah Hicks

Karimah Hicks-Economics

Karimah’s project aims to expose the potential discriminatory practices in the loan origination process. It’s crucial to determine if minorities have access to financial leverage and the opportunity to build equity for themselves and future generations. Discriminatory practices have interrupted the success of minority communities making it difficult for them to flourish both economically and psychologically. We must hold lending institutions accountable to ensure diversity is not a hurdle to financial opportunities.

Using various machine learning algorithms, Karimaj gained insight into the lending patterns of numerous financial institutions. Her investigation revealed significant disparities in the approval rates for Black, Native American, and Pacific Islander applicants. Their likelihoods of approval are 4.2%, 2.7%, and 1.7% lower compared to White applicants. While An income of at least $110,000 reduced some disparities, inconsistencies still existed for Black, Hispanic, and Native American applicants.

Erin Holland

Erin Holland

Currently, Erin is working with Blossom Family Birthing Center in promoting and volunteering for their Family Fair at the end of May at the Jewish Community Center. This will allow her to engage and outreach with other mothers, families, and organizations that support their needs in person, with her vendor spot for visibility. Erin’s passion project, Fancy Tail Momz will also host a pop-up in Oakland at Lake Merrit to outreach with other moms for access to local resources and receive complimentary self-care bags.
Katie Buck

Katie Buck

Women do not get as much workplace guidance and support as men and therefore get passed over for promotions, advancements, raises, and more. “Men will get more support 24% more than women will from senior leaders.” (Minor, 2022) Women are underrepresented at higher levels in the workforce. This makes it even harder to find support including getting guidance, mentorship, or sponsorship. The objective of Katie’s project is to pilot the Superpeer mentoring platform with the WIL Program at CSUEB. WIL has focused on 1:1 mentoring which is demanding of our mentors and students. WIL hopes that the Superpeer platform will allow us to scale mentoring by broadening the mentor pool and allowing for access to mentoring by a larger number of students who are seeking mentoring at some level.