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Department of Biological Sciences

The science of biology is concerned with living matter in all its forms, responses and interactions. It deals with the study of anything which has been or is alive; microbes, all plants and animals, including humans. The field of biology includes a large number of sub-disciplines such as anatomy, reproduction, immunology, microbiology, development, genetics, ecology, evolution, physiology, cell & molecular, systematics, and behavior. A biologist must draw upon a wide variety of academic disciplines to make observations and draw conclusions. A well trained biologist will have a background in chemistry, mathematics, computer science, statistics and physics to meet the demands of modern biology and related areas.

The mission of the Department of Biological Sciences is to provide our students with the most current biological information possible, coupled with up-to-date laboratory and field experiences. We feel that a well educated and trained biologist will contribute to our society and will return this knowledge to the community. The diverse profile of our students propels us to offer a variety of courses and laboratory and field work in the life sciences. Our program is designed for students with specific degree objectives in mind, for students seeking technical training, and for students with a general interest in biology. Our undergraduate programs prepare students for both graduate careers and the health professions. Likewise, our majors may enter specialized areas leading to laboratory, administrative, field, or teaching careers. Our graduates are found throughout the work force: academic institutions, clinical labs, biotechnology, wildlife management, industry, botanical gardens, hospitals, private practices, and education.

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