CareerBOOST: Resume Reviews

10 a.m. PT • Resumes are the key to getting a job. In some cases, it is the first impression that an employer will have about a candidate, but sometimes we spend so much time working on our resume that we become blind to potential mistakes. Having an opportunity to have your resume reviewed could make a huge difference in whether or not you get the job you are applying for.


Adapting Your Business to Market Changes

5 p.m. PT • We will be joined by alumna Grace Henke (BS Statistics '12), founder of Fair Love Dog Training, a company where the training methods and instruction were all developed for in-person delivery. Join us to learn about the changes she had to navigate for her company and the process she went through to rebrand once those changes were made. You'll learn how to keep your small business agile and responsive to market needs, and how to recognize when rebranding is necessary and what the process is like.