FAQ on Progress Reports

A: All freshman are part of the progress report campaign along with specific special populations on campus that have assigned advisors. These groups combined encapsulate roughly 3800 students here at East Bay.

A: YES. Starting in fall of 2019, we opened up Alerts and Cases within Bay Advisor. As a professor, to issue an alert, which will open a case for a professional advisor such as one of our Pioneer Success Coaches to outreach to the student, please log into Bay Advisor, and using your student list, click on the student’s name. You will be redirected to the student’s profile page. From there, click “Issue an Alert” and follow the instructions on the screen. 

A:  Once completed and submitted, any at-risk reports will generate an alert which is sent via email to the students assigned advisor. The advisor will act upon the reports in a variety of ways in order to get the student the support they need for the class or advise them on different courses of action given the potential for multiple at-risk reports. Any non-at risk reports are cataloged and advisors will run a report weekly to gather the “good” information and share that with the students as well.