Dragon Naturally Speaking

What is Dragon Naturally Speaking?
(Video Credit: Nuance Communications, Inc.)

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a sophisticated speech-recognition software designed to assist students and enhance productivity. It allows students to dictate text, control computer functions, and navigate applications with voice commands, fostering improved writing skills and efficient communication.

Dragon Naturally Speaking has many advantages:

Speech Recognition
It enables users to dictate text and control computer functions with natural voice commands.

Enhanced Writing Skills
Aids individuals with word-retrieval difficulties, grapho-motor weaknesses, or challenges in putting ideas on paper promptly.

Available for PC users as Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Efficient Learning Process
Facilitates the learning process for dyslexic students by providing a tool for improved writing and comprehension.

Users can create their own profiles, with voice recognition training and personalized vocabulary additions.

Web Browsing and Email Dictation
Allows users to navigate the web, compose emails, and perform various tasks using voice commands.

Adaptive Formatting
Automatically formats certain types of text, such as dates and times, while users can specify formatting for other elements.

Training Words
Users can train the software to recognize specific words, correcting errors and improving overall accuracy.

Nuanced Commands
Recognizes nuanced commands like "Cap that" for capitalization, "Underline that," and "New line" for effective formatting.

Compatibility with Applications
Works seamlessly with various applications, including Microsoft Word and Word Perfect, saving directly to these platforms.

Significantly reduces the time required for writing tasks, with users reporting up to a 40% reduction in writing time compared to traditional methods.

Offers a voice-activated alternative for individuals with dysgraphia or those who prefer a hands-free method of interacting with the computer.

User-Friendly Interface
Provides a Dragon Sidebar for quick access to popular commands, enhancing user familiarity and ease of use.

Ongoing Improvement
Users experience a gradual improvement in dictation accuracy and efficiency as Dragon Naturally Speaking adapts to individual speaking styles over time.

It is useful for tasks beyond writing, including navigating the web, crafting emails, and customizing command bars for broader usage.

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