What is Read&Write
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Read&Write is a literacy support tool that offers help with everyday tasks like reading text out loud, understanding unfamiliar words, researching assignments, and proofreading written work.


List of features:

Read text on screen, including individual words, passages, or whole documents, aloud with easy-to-follow dual-color highlighting.

Gather text highlights from documents or the web for research summaries and bibliography creation.  Highlights can be extracted to Google Docs for easy collection of sources, quotes, and notes.

Text & Picture Dictionaries
Get definitions and display images to help with word comprehension.

Vocabulary List
It creates a list instantly into a new doc, including selected words, dictionary definitions, images from Symbols, and an editable notes column.

Check what you write
Review writing for incorrect grammar, spelling (phonetic), capitalization, punctuation, verb tense and more.

Audio Maker
Converts selected text into an audio file, and automatically downloads.

Turns the spoken word into text (unavailable for Read&Write for Mac users).

simplifies the readability of text without changing the meaning. (Only available for Read&Write for Google Chrome)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read & Write can be installed as a Google Chrome extension. To do so, please follow this guide here

If you need further assistance, please contact

Some features on the toolbar do require internet access. While Read&Write for Google Chrome is a browser extension that requires the internet for most features, text to speech can still be used offline. In the case of using the desktop versions of Read&Write for Windows and Mac, only a few features require the internet.

Read&Write works best on websites with a lot of text, emails, Canvas, Google Docs, etc. For PDFs, we recommend you use OrbitNote.

Yes, Read&Write does read ePubs. 

However, to use Read&Write with ePub files, you will need to use the website: while using your Read&Write Google Chrome Extension.

This guide shows how you can install the ePub tool to your school Google Drive.

If you need further support, please reach out to our office at or (510) 885-4396.

Contact us at or (510) 885-4396 if you would like training or troubleshooting support.

In addition, you may also visit the Texthelp support website for more information.