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About Messenger Pigeon

Messenger Pigeon helps you capture, organize and engage with your learning through the power of AI. Messenger Pigeon is a study app designed to enhance your learning experience through audio recordings, transcripts and personalized summary notes.


Accessibility & Flexibility

Messenger Pigeon caters to your unique learning style, offering both expertly crafted summaries delivered straight to your inbox and the flexibility to record your own insights. Developed by learning strategists, Messenger Pigeon provides a nurturing space for your individual learning journey.


A trusted learning companion

Gain access to a wealth of knowledge from over 300K hours of lecture recordings, providing invaluable insights and assistance to optimize your learning journey. Whether you need help with understanding complex concepts, reviewing important information, or preparing for exams.


Features Designed to Enhance Learning

  • Audio recording and uploads
  • Automatic generation of AI Transcript
  • Space to jot down personal notes and ideas
  • Grammarly built in
  • Easy order of professional summary notes
  • Access to our very own AI Study Assistant with 14 prompts designed to enhance learning
Requesting Professional Notes from Messenger Pigeon Mobile App

Requesting Professional Notes from Messenger Pigeon Mobile App

Uploading Recordings to Messenger Pigeon

Uploading Recordings to Messenger Pigeon

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