What is glean
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Glean allows students to record, playback, and add notes at their own pace, as well as encourages returning to notes for further study. Whether students prefer to learn by audio, transcript, or their own notes, Glean provides a wide variety of options to help all learners create notes that work for them.

Glean helps support the following challenges:

  • Capture everything from your class:
    Capture every word spoken in classes by voice recording, whether its person or online.
  • Add labels, links, images, and personal notes:
    Hear something important and add it to your notes. You can add headings and doubts, mark them as important or add simple notes. You can also add images.

  • Add Tasks & Deadlines
    You can add tasks and deadlines for those tasks in your notes. That way you can keep track of it and be on top of your assignments or homework.

  • Import lecture slides
    Import a presentation or pdf of your slides.

  • Convert your recordings to transcribed text
    Review classes your way with transcribed audio.

  • Sort and search your classes
    Drop your recordings into personalized categories and quickly find important moments by searching for text notes.

  • Clean up your voice recording
    Get rid of background noise, coughs, clicks, and other distractions with audio clean-up features.

  • Work across your devices
    Access your recordings and notes across tablets and mobile devices with the Glean app.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Glean can be used to also record audio from your computer screen. It can also simultaneously record screen audio and audio captured from your device's microphone. To see how to do both types of screen audio recording, please review this guide.

If you need further assistance you can reach the AT student assistants at or 510-885-4396.

Students can record as much as they like in Glean. There is no storage or time limit.

Glean is specifically designed to be intuitive. Typically, it takes just a couple of minutes for students to get up and running.

Glean can be used on Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks, and the mobile app is available on iOS and Android devices.