Natural Reader

What is Natural Reader?
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For emails, Websites, Docs, etc.
For PDFs, image, etc. on phone
Best for PDFs or texts

Natural Reader is a free text-to-speech reader that can be downloaded at  The variety of ways a student can use Natural Reader include:

  • the online version allows you to paste or drag and drop text (pdf, txt, doc(x), epub) into your web browser, with the ability to choose your preferred voice and speed.
  • the free chrome extension reads webpages and Google Docs.
  • The mobile app can read aloud a variety of texts like PDFs, online articles, cloud documents, even images taken by your camera and so many more.(For Android. For iOS).


  • Supports students with learning difficulties with several text-to-speech related features
  • Improve reading comprehension and retention with natural-sounding AI voices
  • Usable as online app, mobile app, and Chrome extension
  • AI filter skips headers, footers, figures, charts, and tables to make reading smoother
  • Classroom feature where students can join in the Edu version
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Frequently Asked Questions

Natural Reader can be installed as a Google Chrome extension. To do so, you can click on the link here for video and instructions. 

If you need further assistance, please contact

The free voices do not require internet access for the Google Chrome extension or the mobile. However, the online version for desktops cannot be opened without internet access.

The NaturalReader Google Chrome extension works best on both websites with a lot of text, emails, Canvas, Google Docs, etc. Upon clicking on the upload icon in the Google Chrome Extension, you will be taken to the online version of the app, where you can read PDFs. The same PDFs will be synchronized with your mobile app giving you a seamless experience between the mobile and desktop apps.

This guide shows in more detail how to read PDFs with NaturalReader.

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