University Operational Posting Guidelines

The university operational posting guidelines inform how the university’s Time, Place and Manner policy should be used with regard to posting banners, posters, flyers, brochures, external signs, indoor/outdoor digital monitor/sign content, etc., leading to a balance between event, program and activity publicity, and maintaining the appearance and brand identity of the campus environment. These guidelines govern temporary signs and posting for both internal and external campus environments.

Permanent fixtures, such as wayfinding signage and official university building signage, as well as long-term temporary signs in exterior locations (e.g. signs for construction projects) are not governed by these guidelines and must be reviewed and approved by Facilities Development and Operations. Operational messages, such as information provided by the university administration, are also not governed by these guidelines.

The posting of signs on building surfaces, windows, glass doors, benches, utility poles, sculptures, garbage receptacles, railings, trees, traffic control signs and sidewalks is prohibited.

Placement of written/printed materials on vehicle windshields is prohibited. Violators are subject to all charges incurred for the clean-up of such littered materials on campus grounds.

These requirements apply to postings at the Hayward and Concord campuses as well as the Oakland Center.

Indoor Posting Options

Postings for events, activities and programs sponsored by CSUEB departments or organizations are permitted on general bulletin boards without reservation. Posting on department bulletin boards require approval by the governing department. Currently, there are 10 indoor video monitors throughout campus, available to campus-affiliated organizations and departments to display content.

Outdoor Posting Options

Campus-affiliated organizations may reserve designated locations on the exterior of university buildings to post banners and posters. Only postings for events, activities and programs sponsored by CSUEB departments or campus-affiliated organizations are permissible. Campus-affiliated organizations may also install temporary staked signs, sandwich boards and sidewalk chalk messaging with approval. The university has four outdoor digital signs that are available for campus-affiliated organizations to promote their events, activities and programs. 

Still not sure where to go for approval for your indoor or outdoor sign? Check out our quick reference guide.