General Bulletin Boards

Posting Guidelines

Students, campus-affiliated organizations, and faculty and staff of the university may post signs on bulletin boards and kiosks designated as "general bulletin boards." Approval is not required.

  • Signs, posters, brochures, announcements and notices are not to exceed 11 x 17 inches. Larger posters must be approved by Student Life and Leadership Programs.
  • Only signs announcing and promoting university events, activities and programs are permitted. All other postings are subject to removal. Events must be open to the public to be eligible for posting.
  • All postings announcing a university event must contain the following statement concerning accessibility: “Individuals that require accommodations for this event please contact Accessibility Services by [10 business days prior to event date]. email: | phone: 510-885-3868.”
  • Signs, advertisements and announcements must be identified with the name of the individual or organization responsible for the event, activity or program. Otherwise, the posting is subject to removal.
  • Postings must be maintained by the sponsoring group(s) and may not cover or block previously approved/authorized posted materials. Any postings that are not removed within the stated time after the last date of an event may be removed by an authorized university representative.
  • Signs may not be posted more than 14 days prior to the event and must be removed no later than three days following the event.
  • Duplicate signs on the same bulletin boards are subject to removal.
  • Signs shall be posted by thumbtacks or staples only. Campus-affiliated organizations may be charged for cost incurred by the removal of signs or repair to university property due to improper postings.
  • Signs written in a language other than English must contain an English translation.
  • Removal of signs, other than by the posting party or university personnel acting pursuant to their duties, is prohibited.
  • Postings not in compliance with these guidelines will be subject to removal.


(Locations subject to change without notice)

Art & Education Building

  • 1st Floor: Near rooms 107, 111A, 137, 168, 177, 194 (2); Across from 1236 and in the snack room
  • 2nd Floor: Near rooms 205, 208, 214, 221, 224, 285, 286, 293, 294; between 260 and 260E (2) and next to the elevators
  • 3rd Floor: Near rooms 301, 303 and 305

Meiklejohn Hall

  • 1st Floor: Near room 1096
  • 2nd Floor: Entrances on each side of 2002 (2), 2032 (2) & 2064 (2)
  • 3rd Floor: In the snack room, near rooms 3019, 3043 and 3089 
  • 4th Floor: Near rooms 4011, 4058, 4075 and 4115

Robinson Hall

  • 2nd Floor: Inside 224

Science Building - North

  • 1st Floor: In THE CAVE (snack room) (2) near the entrance
  • 2nd Floor: Near rooms N207, N215 & N216 (2)
  • 3rd Floor: Near room N336
  • 4th Floor: Near rooms N450 & N406

Science Building - South

There are no general bulletin boards located in this building.

Physical Education and Gym

  • 1st Floor: On left wall near main door to the gym (opposite the food concession stand).
  • Landing: Stairwell that leads to the Music & Business building walkway.

Music Building

  • 1st Floor: Near rooms A1015, A1039 (2), 1097, 1587; Inside 1511
  • 2nd Floor: Near rooms A2052, A2110, A2560, 2605, 2515 (2), 2519, 2524
  • Landings: All 3 stairwells

Student Services Administration Building

  • 1st Floor: Lobby, across from elevators
  • 2nd Floor: Lobby, across from elevators, SA2200 (break room)
  • 3rd Floor: Lobby, across from elevators, SA3200 (break room)
  • 4th Floor: Lobby, across from elevators, SA4600 (break room)