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MA students in Communication have produced numerous impressive theses and special projects, several of which have won awards.

**Entries stating 'Online access' can be downloaded in PDF format from the Cal State East Bay library. Click through the links to get to the download.


A critical discourse analysis of the articulation of white terrorism

Woodruff, Ta Ta Neshe Lecole (2020)

Online access


A case study of nutritional discourse on Facebook

Sharp, Melanie (2019)

Online access


A visual analysis of augmented reality campaigns on YouTube

Tan, Judy Kimberly (2019)

Online access


She could've been a grey box: depictions of gender in Ex Machina

Quiroz-Carter, Vanessa (2018)

Online access


Effect of mergers and acquisitions on foreign national employees' morale in the Silicon Valley

Gole, Priya Purushottam (2018)

Online access


Agents of resistance & change: a visual rhetorical critique of dystopian media & authoritative political ideologies

Klair, Simran (2018)

Online access


Attitudes toward car modifications in Beijing and the San Francisco Bay Area

Wang, Tianshi (2018)

Online access


A qualitative case study of users' change of self-perception through the use of Instagram

Lao, Im Hong (2018)

Online access


Class, classification, and classism: the story of wine

La Fors, Danielle (2017)

Online access


A qualitative investigation of electronic technology effects on interpersonal communication satisfaction

McCain, Kyra M. (2017)

Online access


Politics on Twitter: the case of the Affordable Care Act and government shutdown

Alexandru, Amalia Nicoleta (2016)

Online access


Discourse analysis and case study of negative restaurant reviews on

Johnson, Crystal R. (2016)

Online access


A quantitative content analysis of media coverage of Obamacare rollout in the red and blue nation: Texas and Massachusetts

Vishwanathan, Swati (2016)

Online access a look into sugar culture

Rodriguez, Vanessa A. (2016)

Online access


Shattering the glass ceiling: Hillary Rodham Clinton, institutional inequality, and the sexist media lens

Whyte, Clelia Christina (2016)

Online access


Egao and diaosi: satire as new Chinese internet cultural phenomena

Chen, Ying (2015)

Online access


Crafting new heroic leaders: a study in myth, drama, and semiotics

Gulamhussein, Nizar (2015)

Online access


Communicative acts of identity: non-binary individuals, identity, and the Internet

Shull, Dee (Daniel) (2015)

Online access


Distributed meaning: a critical autoethnography of Ethiopian Muslim women

Ahmed, Feruz (2015)

Online access


Between two worlds: macro, meso and micro factors in challenges faced by South Asian American LGB persons

Padmanabhan, Chitra Vijay (2015)

Online access


Empowering the moderate voice in the discourse of extremism

Jacobs, Maha A (2014)

Online access


The Tea Party: a rhetorical analysis

Kizito, Kalemba (2014)


Rape culture's influence on todays adolescent youth

Massey, Jaymie(2014)

Online access


Interfaith dialogue from an African American evangelical Christian perspective

Williams, Brittney M (2013)

Online access


New media in new China: an analysis of the democratizing effect of the internet

Sun, Chaoya (2013)

Online access


A phenomenological study examining masculinity and technology in the workplace

Brundage, Erik J (2011)


Grieving the loss of a marine in Iraq: two in depth narratives analyzing grieving styles

Paris, Kelly A (2011)


Faith as agency in human communication

Craycraft, Hans (2011)


Discourse analysis of property interest conflict in San Francisco's Mission District

Bridgeman, Erica K (2011)


Marked by abortion: narratives of grief

Maheshwari, Ishita (2011)


Plumbing the depths of the Chambers of Secrets: A Harry Potter forum ethnography

Chong, Amii (2010)


Evolution of nuclear families: a dyadic exploration of communication in gender & race

Madison-Youman, Erica (2010)


Unfamiliar territory: exploration of the female experience in intercollegiate debate

Arcidiacono, Marie J (2010)


In her own voice: semiotic phenomenology of media representations of Hillary Clinton's emotional moment

Bauer, Deborah (2009)


A semiotic phenomenology of authenticity in the "born again" experience

Engstrom, Cynthia S (2009)


Interpreting the member code ethics: how public relations professionals interpret the PRSA Code

Sancrant, Lindsey K (2008)


Puppets, poachers, power, and putdowns: the discursive production of "fandom" and its constraints on audience agency

Stanfill, Melissa (2008)


Exploring reader's attitudes about news blogs by manipulating advertising congruency

Disney, Shannon L (2008)


Old values in new media: narrative as rhetoric of trust in online-based organizations

Schaefer, Brian (2007)


KRUMP: the new spiritual in afrocentric rhetoric

Love, Bridget H (2007)

Online access


Perceived effects of prescription drug advertising on self and others

Carroll, Kristine M (2007)


I approve this message: television advertising in the 2004 presidential campaign

Maceira, Tila M (2007)


A communication campaign for the masters program in the Department of Communication

Deliramich, Judy L (2007)


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Diego Perez Canelo


Brady Formoso
Brandon Leon
Jazmin Marquez
Roy Tillery
Ta Ta Neshe Woodruff


Andrea Cervantes
Armand Johnson
Chance Moses
Reina Robinson
Melanie Sharp
Judy Tan
Jun Wu


Samuel Ewing
Sumayyah Gettani
Priya Purushottam Gole
Crystal Jacobs
Simran Klair
Im Hong Lao
Zhuoying Liao
Vanessa Quiroz Carter
Inderjeet Singh
Jonathan Sorci
Marina Swanson
Ryan Wallace
Tianshi Wang


Sarah Aubert
Alaric Foreman
Sai Kattepogu
Danielle LaFors
Kyra McCain
Omar Miakhail
LeePorscha Moore
Mohammed Moten
Xuxin Qin
Gini Scott
Swati Vishwanathan
Xiaoyang Wang


Amalia Alexandru
Rod De La Rosa
Crystal Johnson
Megan O'Connor
Vanessa Rodriguez
Clelia Whyte
Ashley Winston
Alexandra Zaniewski


Rayna Fields
Christopher Metoyer
Beatriz Orozco
Kenneth Robinson
Eric Kwezi Wilson
Feruz Ahmed
Ying Chen
Nizar Gulamhussein
Huong Le
Christopher Nguyen
Chitra Vijay Padmanabhan
Dee (Daniel) Shull


Kenya Broadnax
Maha A Jacobs
Kalemba Kizito
Jaymie Massey


Matthew A Benesh
Sanjna Devi Chand
Valerie Lia Poettgen
Chaoya Sun
Brittney M Williams


David Benfell
Suzy Fisher


Erica Bridgeman
Erik J Brundage
Hans Craycraft
Ishita (Maheshwari) Mendonsa
Kelly A Paris
Megumi Tembata
Sri Lanka White


Marie J Arcidiacono
Amelia Ming-Li Chong
Erica Renee Madison-Youman
Ryan Mariategue
Lucy Marie Perez
Pina,Kevin Eugene Pina,Kevin Eugene


Deborah Bauer
Cynthia Engstrom
Heather Gardley


Shannon Lisa Disney
Lindsey Sancrant
Melissa Stanfill


Kristine M Carroll
Judy L Deliramich
Bridget H Love
Tila M Maceira
Brian Schaefer

Pre 2007 electronic data is incomplete, will be updated as records are converted


Mary Blake Avery
Diane Lvnn Brauner
Christina Lvnn Davis
Elizabeth Louise Jensen
Miao Lin
William Francis Pinney
Kaori Yoko Tamada


Burton Lee Artz Burton Lee Artz
Dennis Wayne Gleason
Lori Ann Jeung
Istley Melody Stouffer


Royce McNaughton Cano
Michelene Ottery
Karen Elena Strother


Leroy G. Biff Dorsey
Sandra Lentine Ruliffson


Karen L. Fritts

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