Financial Info

Financial Information

Cal State East Bay is known to have lower tuition and fees than other similar institutions.

Please visit this Student Financial Aid page for a breakdown of the estimated cost of attendance at Cal State East Bay.

You may also find this Net Price Calculator helpful in planning your budget for attendance.

The University helps with financial aid including student loans and grants. Contact the Financial Aid Office at (510) 885-2784 for more information.

You may also find funding opportunities at off-campus sites, such as:

California State University, East Bay offers numerous forms of financial support for current graduate students. The Financial Aid Office coordinates the many programs which provide financial resources and educational opportunities in support of your education.

Department & Campus Employment

Federal Work Study (FWS) is a form of financial aid largely provided by federal funding. A student must apply for financial aid each year to become eligible for the award, or to keep working in their current Work Study job. Eligible FWS students earn money by working a limited number of hours per week at a pre-approved FWS site location. Employment may be found on or off campus with employers that have arranged in advance to offer FWS positions to CSUEB students. Students must be enrolled at least half-time (6 units or more) and actively attending in said classes to retain eligibility for their FWS job.

If you are interested in the Federal Work Study program, please consult with the Student Financial Aid Office.

The Communication Laboratory is open to the campus community to provide communication-related support services. Upper division Communication majors may serve as tutors who help students research, organize, outline, and deliver oral presentations. Students are encouraged to volunteer in the Lab to gain valuable teaching experience and to serve other students. For more information and to apply for a position in the Comm Lab, please contact the director of the lab directly, and/or the Dept. Chair.


Internships and Other Opportunities

Internships may be found within the department, elsewhere on campus, or off-campus. With the permission of the department chair, students may earn internship credit by working in the Communication Lab, by internship through Co-op Education, or by other work-related internships.