First Year Transfer Students

Welcome First Year Transfer Students!

Transfer Orientation Video

This video contains important information regarding the Computer Science undergraduate program and answers many questions commonly asked by transfer students.  If you have any questions not covered in the video, please feel free to reach out to our advisors.

New Requirements

Undergraduate Writing Requirement and Area F Ethnic Studies

There are a few new requirements not covered by the video.

Students are encouraged to complete the Undergraduate Writing Requirement (UWR) in the first semester.  Students who have 60 units and have not completed the UWR are at risk of having a hold placed on course their registration.  A list of the approved UWR courses is available in the catalog.

Students are also required to take an Area F Ethnic Studies course.  A list of approved Area F courses are available in the catalog.


We strongly encourage students to use the First Semester Schedule Planner and to book an advising appointment with the Student Services Coordinator or the Undergraduate Advisor.  We want to get to know our students and we can answer any questions you have.