CSUEB Computer Science Industry Advisory Board

The Computer Science Department at California State University, East Bay is pleased to maintain an Industry Advisor Board made up of dedicated industry partners who help to guide and support our programs and our students.

Purpose of the Industry Advisory Board

  • Increase awareness and visibility of our program and its students within local industry
  • Promote opportunities for our students for internships and full time employment placement
  • Provide opportunities for our students to interact with industry professionals
  • Identify opportunities for joint projects and research
  • Provide critical assessment of the computing facilities and instructional environment at the University
  • Consult with faculty on how to align our curriculum with skills and practices needed in the current IT job market
  • Promote financial support of computer science at Cal State East Bay

Please contact cs@csueastbay.edu if your company is interested in partnering with CSUEB Computer Science, either in providing a member of the board, or via one of the involvement opportunities below.


Get involved with CSUEB Computer Science!

There are many ways for new and existing industry partners to get involved. Please select the tabs below to learn more.

Presentations at CSUEB


Industry partners often will do presentations in which they describe their corporate environment, products, and processes for hiring.   Alternately, some partners do technical presentations of a technology which is relevant to their business.   A single presentation or an annual presentation to the computer science majors is a great way to reach out to them and familiarize them with your company.


Industry experts serve as guest speakers in classes


Many classes in the computer science curriculum can greatly benefit by presenting the viewpoint of an industry expert.   For instance, courses in web design, computer networking, database systems, cybersecurity, and machine learning all deal with quickly changing concepts where industry experience can be very helpful.    Volunteering as a guest speaker in a class improves the quality of the class and the learning experience of the student, and also provides exposure for your company.


Student trips to corporate sites


Providing a tour of your facilities is an excellent method for generating interest in your company.  It will also give you the opportunity to meet students who have already shown interest in your company and may be good candidates for interns or permanent employees.   You might try a short visit consisting of a tour and a meeting with some recent hires, and invite a small group of 5-7 students.  If you find that to be a good experience, it could become an annual event.

Identify key areas of study within curriculum


The Computer Science curriculum at CSUEB follows the model laid out by the ACM Curricula Recommendations.   A lot of variance, however, is allowed within those recommendations.  For instance, in computer networking, should the instructor spend more time emphasizing protocol design, socket programming, or network performance analysis?   As industry experts, you can provide invaluable guidance as to the relative importance of subject matter to the working professional.    The Department has developed course outlines for each course listing the time to be spent on each topic, which we will provide for your review.   We would welcome your suggestions regarding the importance of each topic or in identifying any omissions.


Identify key skills necessary for success


Similar to the above, course instructors teach students various skill sets in their courses but have wide latitude in choosing what skills to teach.    While programming is of course emphasized, we would welcome your advice on the relative importance of code review, debugging, generating quality documentation, use of network simulators, web design tools, database systems, security packages, mathematical analysis packages, or even the relative advantages of different IDEs.   Again, as industry professionals working on real products, you have insight that would be very valuable to our instructors and students.


Participate on the Industry Advisory Board


Members of the Board attend 1-2 meetings a year on the CSUEB campus providing valuable input regarding the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Computer Science.  Companies represented on the board gain valuable access to the hundreds of students pursuing their degrees in Computer Science at CSUEB.   Board members also gain the ability to evaluate potential employees through internships and other interactions.

Student mentorship program


Developing a mentorship relationship with a Computer Science student is an excellent way to both provide support and guidance to a worthy student, and to evaluate a potential new employee.   The Department has many students who have expressed interest in a mentorship program, and can tailor a mentorship program to an industry partner’s goals.   For instance, if your company hoped to support women in Computer Science or other under-represented groups, the Department could recruit mentees who match your requirements.  Mentorship interaction would typically occur via social media and hence would not require a large investment of time by any one mentor.  Mentorship programs can easily be scaled from small to large depending on your company’s interest.


Provide case studies or projects for use in classes


Many Computer Science courses at CSUEB address current topics in industry, from computer networking to machine learning, to software engineering.   As industry experts, you have experience with real-world problems.  Providing outlines of these problems to be used as case studies or the bases for programming or research projects would help to improve the quality of class assignments.    Completion of practical industry-based assignments would also help our students to become more effective employees once they join the workforce.


Industry experts teach courses at CSUEB


CSUEB Computer Science is always looking for qualified instructors to teach both the basic Computer Science curriculum as well as special topics classes.  As industry experts, you are in an excellent position to pass your skills on to our students.    As an instructor, you have the opportunity to evaluate possible interns or permanent employees while helping our students to learn industry standards or new technologies.   


Develop internship program


CSUEB Computer Science encourages all our majors to seek internships while pursuing their degree programs.   Internships provide the students with the opportunity to learn about industry standards for coding, documentation, and testing, as well as to work on real-world projects.   They benefit from working on teams, and further developing the communications skills they need to be effective in the industry environment.    Company partners have the opportunity to evaluate potential employees and develop relationships with them towards possible permanent employment.   Internship programs can easily be scaled from small (e.g., 1 internship opportunity a year) to large depending on your company’s interest.


Recruit for permanent positions


Industry partners are provided with access to the students pursuing their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at CSUEB.    Students may be recruited through email, promotional materials posted in the College of Science, or company presentations.    Your company’s involvement with the Advisory Board means that students are already familiar with your brand before they start looking for a permanent position.

One-time scholarship or award


CSUEB Computer Science students come from all walks of life, and often depend upon financial aid in order to fund their degrees.   The Department greatly appreciates any assistance that can be provided to them in this regard.   The department scholarship and award committee evaluates potential applicants and selects the awardee according to donor requirements.   A one-time scholarship or award is a great way to determine if your company is interested in this kind of support.   Such awards also increase the visibility of your company to the student community.


Endowed scholarship or award


The majority of CSUEB Computer Science students rely upon financial aid in order to pursue their degrees.   If your company would be interested in supporting an on-going or endowed scholarship or award, you could make a big difference in the lives of many students.  The department scholarship and award committee would evaluate potential applicants and select the awardee according to your requirements.  Endowed scholarships and awards also increase the visibility of your company to the student community.  Award opportunities are advertised throughout the year to the students, and presented awards are posted to the department website.


Named research or teaching lab space


As a state-supported institution, the Department is always in need of funds to improve teaching and research space.   If your company would be interested in funding the renovation of a research or teaching lab, the Department would work with the College of Science to provide naming rights to the room.   Named facilities greatly increase the visibility of your company to the students. 


Endowed professorships


If your company is interested in providing the opportunity for faculty and students to participate in more intensive research activities, an endowed professorship could be of interest.   Endowment funds may be used to fund a professor for summer research work or to modify their teaching load to allow for more time spent on research activities.   Endowed professorships are listed in the catalog and department website providing increased visibility for your company.

Please contact cs@csueastbay.edu if you are interested in discussing any of these involvement opportunities.