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Internship Course

Computer Science Internship Procedures

Downloadable PDF of Information

Undergraduate Students

Internship (or Curricular Practical Training for International Students) for undergraduate students may be counted for up to 3 units of credit (CS 498).

Graduate Students

While it is not counted toward the M.S. degree, many international students participate in CPT while completing their studies. Additional requirements that must be met in order to qualify for CPT:

  • Admissions Prerequisites complete
  • University Writing Skills Requirement complete
  • GPA is 3.0 or better
  • No Academic Dishonesty Incident Reports filed

International Students

Must enroll in Internship courses (CS 498/698) while working at an internship, as it must be "tied" into their education if they are in the US on an International Student Visa (F-1).

How to Enroll in Internship Course

** ALL CS STUDENTS MUST BE ENROLLED IN THE CS INTERNSHIP COURSE. If General Studies is selected, you will be enrolled in the GS internship course and you will not receive CS credit. **

  1. Obtain an internship offer letter - Find a position related to your field of study and obtain an offer letter. (See for help finding a replacement.) Your offer letter must include but is not limited to:
    • on company letterhead
    • signed by employer
    • include full address of location where employment will take place
    • your name
    • dates of employment
    • whether employment is full-time or part-time
    • job duties
  2. Go to the website and find the "Student Internship Intake Request". Fill this out so your department is aware that you have begun the process. For CS, be sure to select the "Computer Science" when asked which Internship Course.
    • Note: All CS students must be enrolled in the CS internship course. If General Studies is selected, you will be enrolled in the GS internship course and you will not receive CS credit.
  3. Confirm that Internship Site is a Registered Partner Registration on CalState S4- If the Internship Site (practical training "company") is not in CalState S4, they will need to initiate a partnership with Cal State East Bay through the database CalState S4.
    • Requesting a Partnership - Internship Site must complete the "Request to Initiate Partnership Form" ( You will have to provide your internship site the link above and request them to complete the form. This partnership can be valid for 5 years if the internship site opts in.
    • Once your internship site has completed the Request to Initiate Partnership Form they will receive an email confirmation that the form has been received. Approval time is 24-36 hours.
    • After approval from CSUEB, the internship site will receive another email requesting a signature/acknowledgment for the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
  4. Enroll in Internship class- You will receive an email from the CalStateS4 system that states, “you have been placed.” Forward this email to the CS Department and we will enroll you in the appropriate course. Please make sure you do not have any holds preventing enrollment.
    • Note: The CS department does not allow adds past the Last Day to Add deadline. No exceptions.
    • Note: International students - You must be enrolled an internships class before CIE can issue you an I-20 with CPT authorization. If you have an offer letter but are not enrolled in CS 498/698 by the Last Day to Add, you will not be eligible for CPT during that specific semester/term. 
  5. ** DO NOT FORGET TO DO THIS STEP ** Placement at Approved Internship Site- Once your internship site has been registered in CalState S4 and you are enrolled in the Internship course, you must log into S4 and indicate you have an internship placement at the specific internship site. The internship site will be notified that you have indicated you have a placement at that specific internship site. The internship site MUST acknowledge this via CalStateS4. This step will also allow you to indicate how the internship is related to your major, watch the safety video, and take the safety quiz.
  6. Internship Offer Letter- you will receive an email from CalState S4 with a link and instructions on how to upload your offer letter to S4.
  7. International Students must make an appointment with CIE. You must schedule an appointment with a CIE advisor to process your first CPT application. You must be enrolled full time or have a reduced course load approved and be enrolled in the Internship class before scheduling an appointment. Waitlisted classes do not count towards full time enrollment. Bring the following documents:
    • CIE CPT Request Form
    • Internship Offer Letter
    • Confirmation email stating you have completed the internship placement procedures on CalStateS4
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