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Future Directions: A Strategic Planning Initiative

The Future Directions strategic plan reaffirms our values as a university community as we advance student success, serve as voices for social justice and improve our communities through engagement and innovation.

Together, we will welcome a new era for Cal State East Bay.

This plan articulates our major priorities, desired outcomes and example actions that we plan to take to further our mission of excellence. This plan is the result of broad input from across our community over many months and provides clear direction on how we can move forward together to achieve our aspirations for Cal State East Bay.



To be a catalyst for student equity, life-long learning, innovation and educational success that amplifies upward mobility for all communities. 


Cal State East Bay serves and values a student body with diverse lived experiences. Through innovative teaching, experiential learning, research, campus life and community engagement, our students, faculty and staff use their knowledge and experience to build and contribute to an equitable, inclusive and environmentally sustainable world. 


Cal State East Bay believes in and upholds the following values:

  1. Equity and Justice: We commit to identifying injustice and acting to make equity and accountability integral to our decisions and practices.

  2. Educational Engagement: We align knowledge, resources and equitable support in service of students' strengths to grow personally and professionally.

  3. Belonging: We value belonging and respect for all peoples and cultures, fostering a strong sense of inclusion and pride in an engaged university community.

  4. Innovative and Bold Action: We imagine and build a better future for all through an innovative exploration of ideas and critical thought.

  5. Integrity and Accountability: We uphold a culture of honesty, transparency and respect for one another while striving for continuous improvement.

  6. Respect for the Planet and its Peoples: We honor the earth and promote environmental sustainability on our campuses and in our communities.

Future Directions Priorities

Priority #1: : Enhance the overall student experience to increase engagement and retention, while promoting intellectual achievement and career readiness

  • Improve graduation rates and close equity gaps.
  • Create an engaging and inclusive student experience.
  • Increase participation in high-impact educational practices (HIPs).
  • Prepare students for successful careers.
  • Make education more affordable and accessible.

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Priority #2: Create an authentic and empowering culture of equity, inclusion and anti-racism by embracing our diversity

  • Develop and implement a formal diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) plan.
  • Recruit and retain diverse faculty and staff.
  • Eliminate systemic racism and other biases in policies and practices.
  • Foster culturally responsive teaching practices and work environment.

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Priority #3: Develop and support responsive and innovative research, scholarship and creative activities for faculty and students along with new leading-edge degree and other programs

  • Develop innovative new educational programs to serve a wider array of students.
  • Maintain our prestigious research university (R2) classification.
  • Ensure equity in support opportunities.
  • Establish innovative interdisciplinary centers.
  • Enhance infrastructure for research, scholarship and creative activity.

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Priority #4: Demonstrate continuous improvement, accountability and agility in administrative operations and financial management to prioritize student needs, employee empowerment and mission fulfillment

  • Enhance financial sustainability.
  • Streamline administrative processes.
  • Engage and retain university staff.
  • Continue commitment to our sustainability efforts.
  • Launch a comprehensive fundraising campaign.

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Priority #5: Build connections with the region, state and nation through brand awareness and community, alumni and donor engagement

  • Deepen and expand regional community engagement initiatives.
  • Enhance Cal State East Bay brand awareness and reputation.
  • Increase alumni engagement.
  • Establish innovative public-private partnerships.

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