Organizational Excellence, Financial sustainability, and Growth

Priority #4: Demonstrate continuous improvement, accountability, and agility in administrative operations to prioritize student needs, employee empowerment, and mission fulfillment

With this priority, we aim to achieve the following desired outcomes:

Enhance financial sustainability by taking actions like…
…expanding student outreach and retention efforts to maximize enrollment; meeting or
exceeding fundraising goals by promoting philanthropy as critical to long-term
sustainability; and developing new programs in high-demand areas where costs are
completely covered by program revenue

Improve administrative processes by taking actions like…
…streamlining workflows and reducing paper use through document digitalization and
automation; reviewing and revising policies to eliminate redundancies and optimize
efficiency; and drawing on staff expertise in process improvement and project
management to implement more effective systems

Engage and retain university staff by taking actions like…
…developing a staff enrichment program that includes a wide array of professional
development opportunities; conducting a climate assessment every 18-24 months to
obtain and share feedback from employees at all levels; and hosting an annual staff
appreciation event to inspire greatness and make all employees feel valued

Recommit to our sustainability efforts by taking actions like…
…conducting and sharing our annual assessment as part of our current
Climate/Sustainability Action Plan; revising our action plan to incorporate post-COVID
opportunities, including additional remote teaching and working capabilities; and
recruiting a new Sustainability Director to focus on prioritizing this initiative