Planning Process

Future Directions project goal

Facilitate process that builds from areas of strength, promise and opportunity to create a Future Directions Plan that will guide the future of Cal State East Bay for the next five years.

The Future Directions process outline was presented to Cal State East Bay communities the week of Sept. 20, 2021. 

Step 1: Preparation-Getting Started (August 2021)

  • Develop and Refine Process
    • Meet with Key Individuals and Groups
    • Create Subcommittees (as necessary)
    • Develop Guiding Statements
    • Conduct Research
  • Review Documents
  • Create communication plan for internal and external outreach    

Step 2: Bringing Everyone on Board (September 2021)

  • Town Halls and small group discussions 

Step 3: Research-Discovering the Dots (September 2021)

  • Internal conversations
  • External conversations
    • Community
    • Educational
    • Corporate leaders
  • Data
    • Demographics
    • Workforce needs
    • Student interests
    • Competition

Step 4: Refine Core Values, Vision, Mission, and Identify Potential Strategic Goals (Sept./Oct. 2021)

  • Future Directions committee works with the Cal State East Bay community to discussion and review drafts of:
    • Core Values, Vision, Mission
    • Strengths
    • Needs/Opportunities
    • Major Forces
    • Planning Assumptions
    • Top Strategic Priorities/Goals
  • Future Directions creates a cross-departmental Task Force for each Strategic Priority/Goal

Step 5: Formulate Desired Outcomes-Charting the Course (Dec. 2021-Jan. 2022)

  • Task Force groups identify desired outcomes, share and receive feedback
  • Begin work on strategy development 

Step 6: Determine the Strategies (Feb./Mar. 2022) 

  • Task forces to select one-three strategies that are most important to achieve desired outcomes
  • The strategies selected will be:
    • Organized around goals
    • Work across organizational and campus lines
    • Emphasis on “big ideas”
    • Strategies are elaborated expressions of an idea
      • Intro and Background
      • Basic Elements and Description
      • Models

Step 7: Review, Announce, Celebrate-Beginning the Journey (April 2022)

  • Future Directions committee completes plan
    • Proofread
    • Name
    • Posts on-line 
    • Summary suitable for PR/Fundraising  
    • PowerPoint presentation 
  • University Communications & Marketing develops communications plan