Research and Innovation

Priority #3: Develop and support responsive and innovative research, scholarship and creative activities for faculty and students along with new leading-edge degree and other programs

With this priority, we aim to achieve the following desired outcomes:

Develop innovative new educational programs to serve a wider array of students by taking
actions like…
…expanding our industry advisory committees to tap into external sources of
innovation; modernizing existing programs for relevance and reduced time-to-degree
completion; and developing cutting-edge new programs, including doctoral degrees and
valuable non-degree certificates and credentials

Maintain our prestigious research university (R2) classification by taking actions like…
…hiring new faculty with externally sponsored research projects, scholarship, and
creative activities, and maintaining or increasing the number of doctoral degrees
awarded to continue Cal State East Bay’s reputation of research excellence

Establish innovative interdisciplinary centers and institutes by taking actions like…
…creating new institutes or centers potentially focused on sustainability and combatting
climate change, promoting social justice, and/or reducing health disparities, and
building out interdisciplinary programs offered through our Innovation Hub

Enhance infrastructure for research, scholarship, and creative activity by taking actions like…
…scaling up funding, staffing, and technology to support Office of Research and
Sponsored Programs functions, and reviewing and revising university policies and
procedures to nurture a culture that values research, scholarship, and creative activities

Ensure equity in support opportunities by taking actions like…
…amplifying communication efforts and training to ensure all faculty, especially those
from underrepresented populations, are informed about funding opportunities;
allocating additional resources for DEI-related research, scholarship, and creative
activities; and analyzing and revising policies regarding time set aside for faculty with
diverse backgrounds to explore and apply for funding