Early Learning Network (ELN)

It starts before children enter kindergarten. HPNs bring to the community outreach through community outreach workers (Promotoras), quality pre-school curriculum and instruction, early childhood programs, and a home visitation nurse, among many services.

Lead Agency: 4Cs of Alameda County

About ELN

HPNs collaborative is centered around three Networks, each of whom oversees a set of GPRAs (Government Performance Results Act) within each cradle-to-career segment. Network meetings are used for HPNs partners to develop a shared language and mutually reinforcing activities, and build opportunities for collaboration.

HPNs collaborative partners also monitor their solutions (program-level) by measuring the number of participants, how well the program was implemented, and equity outcomes. 1007 (duplicated) children were served in 2021 through our Early Learning Network solutions. 

ELN GPRAs and Solutions:

  • GPRA 1: Percentage of Kindergartners (age 5) assessed as fully ready, socially, and academically across multiple domains of early learning at beginning of school year
    • Solutions:
      • Home Visitation Nurse (Alameda County Public Health Department)
      • Family Success Coach/Navigator (4Cs of Alameda County)
      • Toddler Play and Learn (4Cs of Alameda County)
      • Parent Promise Academy (PPA) (4Cs of Alameda County)
      • Behavioral Support for PreK (Hayward Unified School District)
  • GPRA 9.1: Percentage of parents or family members that read to or encourage their children to read three or more times a week (birth to five years old) or reported their child read to themselves three or more times a week (Kindergarten–8th grade)
    • Solutions:
      • Words for Lunch (Cal State East Bay and Hayward Public Library)
      • Parent Promise Academy (4Cs of Alameda County)
      • Toddler Play and Learn (4Cs of Alameda County)

ELN has led key initiatives before and during the COVID-19 pandemic that have been responsive to community needs. Below are some examples of solutions coordinated with HPNs participating agencies and community leaders: 

  • Infant Supply Kits and HPN Community Store: HPNs partners coordinated 450 infant supply kits since the start of the pandemic for a quarterly supply drive supporting over 300 families in South Hayward.
  • First 5 Alameda County Kindergarten Readiness Assessments: HPNs supported county-wide efforts to reach parents of pre-kindergarten students in Hayward and Cherryland that reached over 375 families.
  • Pre-Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten Programs: ELN partners are mapping programs available for pre and transitional kindergarten children in the Tennyson-Harder area of South Hayward.
  • Hayward Public Library Curbie Bookmobile: Through private and public funding, HPNs partners helped launch the Hayward Public Library launch “Curbie”, the city’s first bookmobile to expand literacy access in our neighborhoods. Over 2,569 community members had access to literature, technology, and community resources in Fall 2021, with 439 new library cards created, 1,664 books given away, and residents checked out 606 library materials.

Families: How to access services

If you live in the Tennyson-Harder area of South Hayward or have children that attend an HPN partner school (Glassbrook ES, Tyrrell ES, or Ruus ES) in South Hayward, you may contact a Family Navigator at 4Cs Alameda County or reach out to your school’s Family Engagement Specialist. Additional programs and services will be listed in the HPN calendar.

Partners: How to get involved

To participate in ELN, you must be an agency or individual interested in supporting equity outcomes for children and families in South Hayward or Jackson Triangle, commit to attending a monthly meeting, and support coordinated initiatives.

  • "There’s a chain reaction. You get involved in one thing and then you find out more. " - April Vinson, HPNs Community Advisory Board member

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