Neighborhood Health and Empowerment Network (NHEN)

The community environment and parent achievement is the focus of this area. Multiple strategies are used to reduce family mobility, provide fresh food for low-income families and seniors, increase literacy, and promote adult career technical educational classes to foster family economic mobility. 

Lead Agencies: 

City of Hayward

About NHEN

HPNs collaborative is centered around three Networks, each of whom oversees a set of GPRAs (Government Performance Results Act) within each cradle-to-career segment. Network meetings are used for HPNs partners to develop a shared language and mutually reinforcing activities and build opportunities for collaboration.

HPNs collaborative partners also monitor their solutions (program-level) by measuring the number of participants, how well the program was implemented, and equity outcomes. Over 4,442 (duplicated) residents were served in 2021 through NHEN partner solutions.

ELN GPRAs and Solutions:

  • GPRA 6: Percentage of children (7th - 12th grade) who report consuming 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables daily
    • Solutions: 
      • Promotoras de Salud (Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center)
  • GPRA 7: Percentage of children (7th - 12th grade) who report feeling safe at school and traveling to/from school
    • Solutions:
      • Parent Awareness Program (formerly the Parent Awareness of Opioids and Other Substances Program) (Eden Youth and Family Center)
      • Youth Advisory Council and Awareness Program (Eden Youth and Family Center)
      • Community Counseling Clinic (Cal State East Bay)
      • Behavioral Supports (K-6) (Hayward Unified School District)
      • Parent Ambassador Specialists (La Familia Counseling Services)
      • Community Clinician (La Familia Counseling Services)
      • Reentry Treatment Team (La Familia Counseling Services) 
  • GPRA 8: Student mobility rate (K - 12th grade)
    • Solutions: 
      • Community Leadership Initiative (Cal State East Bay)
      • Community Resident Engagement Specialists (CRES) (Cal State East Bay)
  • GPRA 10: Percentage of students (7th - 12th grade) who have school and/or home access to broadband internet and a connected computing device
    • Solutions: 
      • COVID-19 Tech Lending Library (City of Hayward)
      • Eden Youth Computer Clubhouse, Case Management, and Mentoring Program (formerly Transition to Jobs and Technology Education; formerly the Digital Literacy/Technology, Job Readiness, and Life Skills Program) (Eden Youth and Family Center)

NHEN has led key initiatives before and during the COVID-19 pandemic that have been responsive to community needs. Below are some examples of solutions coordinated with HPNs participating agencies and community leaders: 

  • COVID-19 School Supply Drive (City of Hayward): In 2020 and 2021, the City of Hayward partnered with Glassbrook, Ruus, and Tyrell elementary schools to provide students with school supplies necessary for remote learning. They also gave every student two books for their home library.
  • COVID-19 Tech Lending Library (City of Hayward): The City of Hayward Public Library, working closely with HUSD, loaned computing devices (Chromebooks, tablets) and wifi hotspots to HUSD students, as needed. Families could check-out the technical equipment by completing a Borrowing Policy & Agreement Form and presenting a valid Hayward Public Library card number or HUSD student ID card number. Students can keep the devices for a period of one year, until June 1, 2021. 
  • Food and Meal Distribution: Connected families to expanded food distribution programs throughout the city in collaboration with the City of Hayward, Chabot College, Alameda County Food Bank, Hayward Area Recreation and Parks District, Hayward Unified School District. 4Cs of Alameda County also launched an “HPN Community Store” stocked with food and cleaning supplies (donations from community members), and allowing families in need to select what they needed for their homes.
  • Neighborhood Clean-Up: HPNs coordinates community clean-up days in partnership with the City of Hayward in response to residents concerns for safety. 
  • Housing Relief Funds/Rental Assistance: Collaborated with the City of Hayward and Bay Area Community Services to connect SHPN families to public and private housing relief funds and to share information about rental assistance at all of HPNs events.
  • COVID-19 Vaccinations: A partnership between Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center, the Hayward Fire Department, and the Alameda County Department of Public Health, resulted in a COVID-19 vaccination site at the Hayward Fire Station 7 in South Hayward in February, 2021.
  • COVID-19 Mobile Strike Team: HPN CRES Team, ACPHD Mobile Strike Team, TVHC Promotoras and neighborhood apartment owners organize events in apartment communities to vaccinate children and their families.

Families: How to access services

If you live in the Tennyson-Harder area of South Hayward or have children that attend an HPN partner school (Glassbrook ES, Tyrrell ES, or Ruus ES) in South Hayward, you may reach out to your school’s Family Engagement Specialist. Additional programs and services will be listed in the HPN calendar.

Partners: How to get involved

To participate in NHEN, you must be an agency or individual interested in supporting equity outcomes for children and families in South Hayward or partnering HUSD schools, commit to attending a monthly meeting, and support coordinated initiatives.

  • "It feels good to not have fear, to know your rights, to know the system, to navigate the system, and to have the ability to propose solutions." - Julieta Martinez, Promotora (Community Health Promoter)

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