Hayward Promise Neighborhoods Programs

Hayward Promise Neighborhoods is a collective effort to maximize existing assets in the neighborhoods so that all children, families, and community members have access to equitable opportunities along with a cradle to career continuum of services and supports. These services and supports include the areas of educational success, physical and social-emotional health, and a safe and sustainable thriving community. Please explore the programs and services available to families in HPN. 

Cal State East Bay Initiatives

Community Counselling Clinic (CCC)

  • CCC is designed for two purposes: 1) to provide free counseling services to the diverse members of the Hayward community, and 2) to provide professional clinical training opportunities for students in Cal State East Bay’s School Counseling, School Psychology, and Marriage and Family Therapy programs. CCC offers four types of programs to meet a variety of counseling needs: Individual Counseling, Couples Counseling, Family Counseling, and Support Groups. Therapists support their clients in various areas, such as making decisions, communicating, coping, improving communication skills, renewing relationship harmony, identifying strengths and supports, increasing emotional awareness, and developing problem-solving skills. 
  • Community Counseling Clinic, (510) 885-3007

Community Leadership Initiative

  • Provides civic engagement leadership and learning opportunities to the neighborhood’s residents so they may effectively influence the decision-making that will make a positive difference to the prosperity and vitality of their community – and in the process help remove institutional barriers and change systems that will then allow the community’s vision to be actualized.
  • Janevette Cole, (510) 885-3016 or janevette.cole@csueastbay.edu

Fresh Food for Families

  • HPN and the Alameda County Community Food Bank brings its mobile pantry to Hayward for free. This farmers market on wheels brings fresh foods to Hayward residents to help alleviate food insecurities.
  • Janevette Cole, janevette.cole@csueastbay.edu

Promise Interns

  • Cal State East Bay students serve as mentors and tutors providing academic and college/career support to Hayward Promise Neighborhoods elementary, middle, and high school students in-class and after-school. The Cal State East Bay students also participate in a variety of volunteer service projects throughout the Hayward community.
  • Roxana Cruz, (510) 885-2737 or roxana.cruz@csueastbay.edu

Student Success Coaches

  • Student Success Coaches at Hayward and Mt. Eden high schools, as well as, Cal State East Bay, will support at-risk students (such as chronically truant) toward successful graduation from high school and college. The Specialists will work directly with teachers to develop a strategy to support the students and will refer students to support services to help them re-engage with the school and get back on track toward graduation.
  • Michael Harris, Mount Eden and Hayward High Schools, (510) 207-8089 or michael.harris@csueastbay.edu
  • Anthony Jackson, Cal State East Bay, (510) 723-3190 or anthony.jackson@csueastbay.edu

Words for Lunch

  • Provides summer learning and nutrition for Hayward children and youth. Participants receive free nourishing lunches paired with literacy development activities and a free book to take home.
  • Mark Salinas, (510) 885-3524 or mark.salinas@csueastbay.edu