Register with HPN

Register with HPN
Please complete the registration and consent form below if you live or attend a school in HPN and would like to access HPN services. Your consent allows HPN to securely and confidentially share your contact information with specific partners and assess your family's needs and student progress over time. Your answer to the consent form will not impact your eligibility for services.

Who can register for HPN programs?
HPN funding supports children and residents in the Jackson Triangle or South Hayward (Tennyson-Harder) neighborhoods. To be eligible to participate in services, your family must meet one of the two criteria below:
  1. HPN Address: Individuals who live within the geographical boundaries of either the Jackson Triangle or South Hayward
  2. HPN Partner School: Children or students who attend any partner HPN schools or early learning programs
Please take a look at a map of HPN streets and partner schools to verify eligibility. You can contact if you have questions about your eligibility or need immediate assistance.

Register and Consent (English)

Register and Consent (Spanish)