The History Department is deeply committed to preparing excellent Social Science teachers for California's middle and high schools. We have long-standing connections to the California History-Social Science Project, particularly at UC Davis and UC Berkeley. Our department has hosted conferences to assist in the introduction of the History-Social Science Framework, published in 2016. Our recently revised Single Subject Matter Preparation Program is closely aligned to the innovative 2016 Framework.

We also work closely with Cal State East Bay's Teacher Education Department and the Credential Student Service Center. Currently, our required course, HIST 404, Introduction to Teaching History, is taught by Professor Benjamin Feldman, who holds a California Single Subject teaching credential in Social Science, in addition to the Ph.D. in history.

Students who complete our Single Subject Matter Preparation Program are stellar candidates for credential programs and also enjoy advantages in seeking teaching positions, given their rigorous and extensive preparatory coursework in a range of social science fields.

Future Middle and High School History Teachers

The Single Subject Matter Preparation Program in Social Science is designed for Cal State East Bay undergraduates wishing to earn a Single Subject Teaching Credential in Social Science following the award of their bachelor’s degree. Students who successfully complete this program of study will be able to verify their Subject Matter Requirements as part of their teaching qualifications. In addition to completion of this program, a Single Subject Teaching Credential is required for those wishing to teach in middle or high schools. This program has been approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). 

Completion of the Single Subject Matter Preparation Program in Social Science is certified by the Department of History. The program may be completed by students in any major, but overlaps major requirements in several Social Science fields, including History, Political Science, Ethnic Studies, Geography, Sociology, and Economics.

As of July 2021, with passage of Assembly Bill 130, the CTC is developing additional options for credential candidates to meet the Subject Matter and Basic Skills Requirements. We are monitoring these new developments, and we recommend that prospective middle and high school history teachers follow CTC alerts closely, through its website, https://www.ctc.ca.gov, or @CalCTC

Please see the University Catalog requirements for this program. We also strongly recommend that prospective middle and high school teachers connect with Cal State East Bay's Credential Student Service Center to learn about credential program applications and prerequisites. 

For additional information, please directly contact the Social Science Coordinator in the Department of History. In 2021-2022, Dr. Kevin Kaatz (kevin.kaatz@csueastbay.edu) serves as our program coordinator. 

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