The Department of History contributes a number of important Arts and Humanities classes to the General Education minor degree pathway in Sustainability, known as "GEM-S." History classes that may be used to complete the GEM-S minor degree include:

HIST 323 also fulfills the Applied Sustainability Overlay, required for this minor degree.

Overview of the GEM-S

The GEM-S prepares students to integrate sustainability principles and practices into their lives and professions through exposure to the magnitude and multi-dimensionality of the sustainability problem and exploration of potential solutions.

GEM-S courses provide multiple disciplinary lenses (e.g., scientific, social, political, and economic) to the study of environmental sustainability. The minor consists of a minimum of 15 units (including 9 units of upper-division GE). Students complete classes in each of six categories from an approved list of GEM-S courses.

Important note

Students must still complete the remaining breadth/GE requirements not contained within the GEM-S in order to graduate.


GEM-S Organizational Charter (PDF)

GEM-S Overview (PDF)

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