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Department of History

Learn the past. Understand the present. Shape the future.


To return safely to our in-person classes, please complete your COVID-19 vaccine certification. 

In Fall 2021, we are offering more than 60 history courses, with nearly 20 of these in person. Another 30 classes will be 100% online asynchronous, and the remainder will be online synchronous (via video conference), providing students flexibility to continue their path to graduation. 

This fall, you can take classes on Immigration and the Contested American Identity (HIST 387), The Middle East and the Rise of Islamic Societies (HIST 363), World War II: Global Warfront, Local Homefront (HIST 479), The History of Sustainability (HIST 323), The Korean Peninsula (HIST 369), and Race and the Modern American Nation (HIST 385), among many other important and fascinating subjects. 

We are also offering career preparation classes with sustained examinations of careers in law, land conservation, and digital humanities, taught by leading experts and practitioners in these fields. 

Who We Are

Karla Vega

Featured Alumni

Karla Vega (Class of 2020)

Growing up in Oakley, a California Delta town about 55 miles east of San Francisco, Karla Vega loved history from an early age. A voracious reader of historical biographies in elementary school, Ms. Vega was riveted by documentaries and family history...
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Sophia O'Neal-Roberts

Featured Student

Sophia O'Neal-Roberts (senior)

Raised in Sacramento and a graduate of John F. Kennedy High School, Sophia O’Neal Roberts began her studies at Cal State East Bay in Fall 2018 as a freshman. Her inspirations to study history include her grandfather, who loved history...

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Raphael Hopstone

Featured Student

Raphael Hopstone (8th grade teacher, Montera Middle School, Oakland)

Raphael Hopstone joined the History graduate program at Cal State East Bay in January 2020. Born and raised in Walnut Creek, Raphael earned his BA in History and Single Subject credential in Social Science from Cal State Northridge...


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The Department of History at Cal State East Bay


True to its roots in the Bay Area, the Department of History at Cal State East Bay offers leading-edge programs in historical study focusing on critical themes and questions confronting us in the present day. Debuting in 2018, our unique concentrations for historical study include Migration and Globalization, Social Justice and Citizenships, and Sustainability and Modernization. These concentrations allow History majors to investigate significant questions comparatively across time and place. Our courses employ high-impact pedagogies, emphasizing collaboration and applied learning. Advising and career considerations for liberal arts majors are embedded in our curriculum, so that students enjoy ample opportunity to make direct connections between their historical investigations and their longer-term goals and dreams. 

The Master of Arts degree at Cal State East Bay combines our commitments to historical inquiry with career-directed concentrations in public and community history, teaching history, and research. It is a flexible program inviting individuals with a love of history from any background or professional experience to sharpen their knowledge and develop their interpretive and disciplinary skills. Our MA candidates are teachers, community historians, and aspiring professors who do critical work to preserve and extend historical knowledge beyond the bounds of the university. 

Today our faculty are at the forefront of new fields, such as the history of sustainability, the history of globalization, digital history, applied history, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Our faculty are also deeply committed teachers, encouraging their students to chart their own paths and tell new histories. In 2020, Dr. Andrew Wiese, Professor of History at San Diego State University, and External Reviewer for our most recent program evaluation, observed that Cal State East Bay's Department of History "exemplifies the best traditions of research, teaching, and community service of the California State University." 

Contact Us

Department of History

California State University, East Bay
25800 Carlos Bee Blvd
Student and Faculty Services (SF) building, Room 442
Hayward, CA 94542

Phone: (510) 885-3207 

Phone messages are checked daily during Summer 2021, until our office fully opens for in-person support in August 2021. 



For inquires during Academic Year 2021-2022, please contact

Chair, Department of History
Dr. Bridget Ford

Interim History Department Administrative Support Coordinator (until October 1, 2021):  

Ms. Sylvia Musson,