Incident Management

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) applies to the incident response commitments for all ITS services. Incident response times vary according to the priority level assigned to the incident. The priority level is a computed value based upon the Impact and Urgency settings in the Service Desk system.

Incident Response Times

The table below identifies the service level commitments for incident response times as they relate to the defined Priority levels described above.

Incident Response Times
ItemPriority LevelMetricTargetDescription
Respond Critical 1 hour 90% Acceptance of the receipt of the incident in the ticketing system and responding to the user by attempting to make contact via phone or email.
Urgent 8 business hours 80%
High 16 business hours 80%
Normal 32 business hours 80%
Resolve Critical 4 hours 90% Either full resolution or a work around is in place restoring the user, or users, to normal service operation.
Urgent 16 Hours 80%
High 32 Hours 80%
Normal As agreed upon with Client. 80%


Please note that beginning January 14, 2011 the team lead and the manager for each service will receive notifications when SLO's are close to their due date. ITS managers and the Service Desk will be following up to make sure incidents are addressed as quickly as possible.