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Since 2015 CSU East Bay has used Pharos Print for its student/staff and faculty print and copy needs. In September of 2020 the Pharos Print system was upgraded to Uniprint version 9.1. This upgrade offers enhanced capabilities for CSU East Bay’s campus population, such as touchless printing and on the go management of print requests. Additional features and information are listed below.

NOTE: A CSUEB issued Baycard or guest card is required to link your account for printing and copying.

Pharos Uniprint 9.1 Features

Pharos printing is supported on Windows 10, as well as older version of the Windows operating systems. For Mac users, Pharos printing supports OS 12 (Monterey) and previous versions of the Mac OS. New packages for students/staff and faculty are available; see Download Links section below:

Windows - 64 Bit   (You may be prompted to allow the download)

Windows - 32 Bit   (You may be prompted to allow the download)

Mac OS


Mac users, please visit the library for help with print driver installation

If you have any questions, please contact Duplicating Services at 510-885-3715.

New to Pharos Uniprint version 9.1 is touchless printing. Users can now upload, modify and release their print jobs 100% through the use of a smart device. Simply download and install the Pharos Print app to begin using this new feature. The Pharos Print app is available on either Google Play or the App Store. For help, instructions or information check the links below.

Quick Guide, Quick Video, Full Guide 

MobilePrint allows any university staff/student to send an e-mail from any device to with up to ten (10) attachments. MobilePrint will process the e-mail and create separate print jobs for each attachment. Additionally, if the e-mail body is more than 100 characters, MobilePrint will also create a print job for the e-mail.

All your print jobs (including your MobilePrint jobs) are available for review in My Print CenterThe page offers you the option of modifying your print jobs, reviewing their cost or a print preview before you release your print requests. You can also review your previous history and check BayBucks balances.

For Pharos Print/Copy Station Locations Click Here.

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