Post Implementation Review (PIR)

The manager of the Request for Change (RFC) is responsible for coordinating a Post Implementation Review (PIR) on Request for Change's (RFC's) with the following conditions: created an unknown/unexpected impact; a change that failed; a change that was not properly communicated; a change with further impact than indicated from the review process; any lessons learned from Request for Change's (RFC's) should be documented through the Post Implementation Review (PIR) process.

The Post Implementation Review (PIR) process will include the following steps: (1) the manager who approved the Request for Change (RFC) will coordinate a detailed investigation with all parties involved and will ensure that a detailed analysis of what went wrong and lessons learned for future improvement is documented. (2) If necessary, the CAB will then review the Post Implementation Review (PIR) against the IT Change Management documentation and will make adjustments to the Change Management process as needed based on lessons learned.  (3)The manager may recommend communication with the affected campus community for major failed changes.