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The services we provide are printing, high-speed copying, binding and related printing in support of the campus community. We also provide the University Copying Service which includes the coin and card operated equipment throughout the campus.

Departmental Resources

Off Campus Printing

The use of commercial, off-campus vendors for printing and copying requires approval in advance from the Duplicating Services Department and the processing of an Authorization For Off Campus Duplicating/Printing Form.

Personal Printing

All printing generated by Duplicating Services is for legitimate faculty or business use only. Personal printing of any kind, whether for students or employees of the University, are not allowed.

Material Preparation

Preparation of original copy should be made on plain white bond paper as quality impressions and long runs require excellent contrast of originals. Margins must be at least 3/8" on all four sides and should be as free from smudges as possible.

In submitting materials, departments must provide a Request for Duplicating Services Recharge Form, signed by an authorized person designated by the department. Duplicating Services personnel are available to assist in preparing these forms. Duplicating and printing needs should be anticipated as far in advance as possible. Services are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.


Making copies of some materials is prohibited by Federal and/or copyright laws which must be observed.  Money, bonds, and immigration documents will not be duplicated.  Compliance with copyright laws is the responsibility of the department submitting the materials.

Quick Copy Service

Duplicating Services operates a quick-copy service to the campus community which includes standardized rates. (Refer to Price Sheet).Work is picked up from designated locations in all major buildings and is returned via courier services to the ordering department office within 24 hours. Walk-up service is available in Library (LI) Room 1106 for small and medium length jobs.

Pick-up locations are as follows:

Robinson Hall - Room 220

Arts and Education (AE) - 1st floor copy room

College of Science (North 131)

Student Services & Administration (SA) 2750

Meiklejohn (MI) 3rd floor mail room

Valley Business and Technology (VBT) - 1st floor main office

Music Building (MB) – Room 1551

Library (LI) Room 1106

Deliveries also take place twice daily. The morning deliveries begin at 8:30am and afternoon deliveries at 1:00pm.

Name Position Phone Email
Miguel Rivas Print/Duplicating Services Lead 510-885-7507 miguel.rivas2@csueastbay.edu 
Sarthak Meliwal Print Center Analyst 510-885-3715 sarthak.meliwal@csueastbay.edu


Duplicating Services is equipped with a combination collator, folder, stitching machine that is capable of producing finished booklets ranging from 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" to 8-1/2" x 11". Optimally, for best results, booklets should not exceed 100 pages, including a cover. Due to the nature of this equipment, coated or glossy stock cannot be used either as interior or exterior sheets. We cannot process folded  (saddle stitched) booklets where the cover stock exceeds 70 lb. text weight, the number of pages exceeds ten (including cover), or where the finished size is less than 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" or more than 8-1/2" x 11". In addition to the above, the department offers other special bindery finishing such as collating, folding, stapling, drilling, padding, spiral binding, and special cutting requirements.
Duplicating Services offers composing, layout design and paste-up services to all departments on campus. Composition services are primarily used to condense, enlarge and/or improve the overall appearance of printed material. Current equipment allows the operator to change typestyles and size of type from 4 point to 72 point and offers a variety of medium, bold and italic typefaces. Assistance is available for the preparation of the layout and design of printed materials though the Duplicating staff that may suggest several alternatives which may improve the appearance and/or minimize departmental costs. As always, complex and involved projects may require additional time and cost to process and should be taken into consideration in planning.

Duplicating services generally includes Departmental and University letterhead, #10 envelopes (plain and window), brochures, flyers, memos, pamphlets, NCR carbonless forms, cardstock, classroom materials, etc.  At the present time, equipment in Duplicating Services will not accommodate requests for stock heavier than 110 lb. basis, stock lighter than 20 lb., coated or enamel stock, or stock larger than 11" x 17". In printing on 11" x 17" stock, a 1/2" margin must be allowed on all four sides.

It should be noted that Duplicating Services will make every effort to duplicate and print in the most economical manner possible, consistent with the needs of the department, the capabilities of the equipment and available staffing.

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Duplicating Services
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