Sources of Help

Psychology Department staff members work hard to provide support for all the psychology faculty and students. They answer lots of student (and faculty) questions, solve problems, and occasionally provide a sympathetic ear. We couldn't get along without them.

All faculty members in the Department of Psychology, including our lecturers, have excellent credentials and are professionals in their fields. However, only tenured and tenure-track faculty are expected to provide general academic advising and career advising.

Students also have opportunities to work with faculty members in club activities, research, community service and other out-of-class activities. These out-of-class activities are an important part of preparation for a career in psychology. Opportunities for individual attention are plentiful. Working with faculty on special projects can be an especially enriching learning experience.

Becoming active in a student organization is a great way to develop leadership skills and get to know some students and faculty members. There are three organizations of special interest to Psychology majors.

The Psychology Department presents certificates of recognition to several outstanding students each year, sometimes accompanied by modest monetary awards. Students are selected because of high academic achievement plus outstanding research activities, leadership in student clubs, assistance to other students, community service, or other contributions. In addition, students with a Grade Point Average of at least 3.7 receive Honors Citations from the University.

Practical experience is valuable both for admission to graduate school and for getting permanent employment. The psychology department offers three ways to gain practical experience:

  • Working with faculty members on research or special projects
  • Psyc 4430, Fieldwork in Community Psychology, provides arrangements for interested undergrads to work in mental health settings, work with agencies that provide social services, and apply their training in industry. While most positions in Psyc 4430 are volunteer, students can earn pay and receive academic credit. Contact the Department Chair for additional information.
  • Psyc 3898, Co-operative Education, offers academic credit for paid and unpaid positions in industry and business. It is primarily for students in the B. S. programs, but can be used by students in the B. A. program. To enroll in Psyc 3898 you must make arrangements through the University's Co-Op Program.

A great deal of additional information about psychology in general, careers in psychology, applying to grad school, and other topics of interest to students is available from the American Psychological Association.

Help with your life as a student is available from many University offices. Here is a list of some of them. Their websites offer numerous services of interest to students. Additional services can be found under the Current Students tab above.

Academic Advising and Career Education (AACE)

Students can find academic advising on GE and graduation requirements at Academic Advising and Career Education (AACE) as well as career development including resume writing and job search assistance.

Student Center for Academic Achievement (SCAA)

SCAA provides learning and tutorial assistance to students enrolled at this University. Appointments can be made for general study skills improvement, tutoring in writing, mathematics, and statistics, and assistance relating to a specific class. In addition, workshops are offered each quarter relating to a variety of subjects including: avoiding plagiarism, effective textbook reading and study skills, improving math skills, listening and note taking skills, test taking skills, and time management.

Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services provides academic assistance and support services to University students with permanent or temporary disabilities.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid coordinates all University-administered financial aid programs, including loans and grants, the work-study program, university scholarships, and the short-term emergency loan program. Information on additional scholarships is available in the College of Science Office, in North Science 131.

Student Health & Counseling Services

Student Health & Counseling Services offers affordable, convenient, high-quality health care to students enrolled at this University. Its building is located between the Library and the P.E. building. Services include medical appointments, vaccinations, physical therapy, optometry, a pharmacy, and psychological counseling. Check the website for more information or to make an appointment.

Housing and Residence Life

Information about on-campus housing.

Public Transportation

How to get to campus without a car.