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At CSU East Bay, training and developing our university community is not only a necessity but also our mission. Our goal is to create an environment where people can achieve their full potential, increase their productivity, and expand their professional and personal horizons. Recognizing that individuals deserve relevant, comprehensive, and effective training and development opportunities, we are dedicated to providing meaningful programs that address the evolving needs of our employees and community partners.

  California State University East Bay requires that employees take certain courses to comply with state and university  requirements that are driven by federal law, state law or CSU policy.
Compliance Training-Table provides details on required training for CSU East Bay employees. All courses are available in CSU Learn.
 Summary of Statement of Economic Interests and On-line Ethics Training

Repopulate/Return to Work-CSU Learn.

It’s safe to say that the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every human life on the planet. It has brought with it significant changes to the ways we live and work, turning terms like social distancing and quarantine into household words.  In the aftermath of the worst of it, the world is struggling to create an evolving new normal. What that will look like for businesses and employees as we unplug from working remotely and return to work? How will we reconnect with our coworkers and reestablish working routines? How can we help create a safe working environment by following new procedures? The "Return to Work Post-Pandemic" courses focus on how employees can foster their flexibility and resiliency in the post-pandemic workplace.  
 Learn how to:
  • Lead in the Post-pandemic Workplace
  • Reassemble in the Post-pandemic Workspace
  • How to bring people back by instituting Post-pandemic Work Policies and Protocols
  • Manage in the post-pandemic World
 Materials in this course are based upon content provided in partnership with "MIT Sloan Management Review." 
Repopulate/Return to Work-CSU Resources-EAP.