The Aphasia Treatment Program (ATP) was launched in the 1996-1997 academic year by Founder Dr. Jan Avent.  She developed an intensive program of aphasia group treatments that featured Cooperative therapy and Reciprocal Scaffolding, and provided a unique clinical training model for graduate speech-language pathology students at Cal State East Bay. Since the inception of ATP, the program has expanded its treatment options based on realistic life-participation goals for its clients, and the Rees Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic, under the direction of the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, is proud of the services now provided. Group treatment programs include Reading and Writing, Conversation, Book Club, News Group, and the nationally recognized “Aphasia Tones” choir, which was developed in the Fall of 2009 under the guidance of current ATP Director, Ellen Bernstein-Ellis.  

ATP has been recognized for many of its efforts at improving communication acess for those with aphasia, including:

  • Collaborating with Yosemite National Park at providing an aphasia-friendly park brochure, a project that has received awards from the National Park Service, California Speech-Language Hearing Association, and National Stroke Association.
  • Providing the therapeutic, emotional, and social benefits of singing to clients in the Aphasia Tones Choir, which has received National Stroke Association and Bay Area Proud awards.
  • Recognition of an exceptional graduate training program in facilitating communicative access and advocacy for those with aphasia by being awarded the 2017 Program of the Year by the California Speech-Language Hearing Association.

20 years later, the Aphasia Treatment Program has served hundreds of clients, trained hundreds of students, and inspired all who have come in contact with it. We invite you to support this uplifting program as it continues to train students in service to our communities.

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