Peer Ambassadors

What are Peer Ambassadors?

The SLHS Peer Ambassador program was started in 2021 to provide a forum for SLHS students to seek advice or support from other students (ambassadors) in a judgment-free environment*. Each year, 5 ambassadors are selected from the second-year CC2 cohort and the third-year CCX cohort who have both academic and clinical experience. In 2022, we added an undergraduate ambassador position as well. Ambassadors host regular drop-in chat sessions in person and on Zoom as well as information sessions devoted to specific topics of interest. Faculty and staff do not attend these sessions/events and the information discussed can remain anonymous, if desired. 
*Ambassadors are not academic advisors - please reach out to your major advisor with any questions about the program curriculum.

Peer Ambassador Discord.

Meet the 2023-2024 Ambassadors

Come and meet them for yourselves!  Their semester calendar is available HERE.

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Connie Roth

Jiana Brandt

Michal Levachev

Roxanne Azpiroz

Steven Spraragen