How to Apply

For The Graduate Program:

Applicants must apply to both the program and to Cal State East Bay.  

  • You can apply to the program first and wait to see if you are recommended for admission before applying to Cal State East Bay if you wish.

Apply to the program via CSDCAS between September 15, 2020 and January 15, 2021.  

Note that there are two CSDCAS applications, one for the two-year graduate program, and one for our Extended graduate program if your background is not in communicative disorders. The application to the two-year graduate program requires the completion of 24 semester or 36 quarter units completed in communication disorders by the end of December 2020, either through a degree or a post-bacc. program.

Required application materials for CSDCAS include 

  • Transcripts from all institutions you have previously attended. 
    • Information on how to submit transcripts to CSDCAS is at Sending Official Transcripts to CSDCAS
    • International transcripts must be translated / evaluated. 
    • Official transcripts MUST be received by CSDCAS by February 1st for your application to be processed
  • A statement of purpose. The statement is normally one to two pages long. Please use 1-inch margins and 1.5 spacing; you may select your preferred font no smaller than 11 point.  The statement typically discusses why you are choosing this career path, what experiences or personal characteristics you have that would lead you to be a strong graduate student and effective speech-language pathologist, and why you have chosen to apply to Cal State East Bay’s program. It will also give you the opportunity to address any potential concerns about other areas of your application.
  • A CV / resume. The resume is normally one to two pages, and should include applicable educational, work and/or volunteer experiences.  
  • Letters of Recommendation (three letters).  Letters should be current. It is preferred that letters come from academic sources, but other sources, such as professional letters and letters from volunteer supervisors, are also acceptable . If your degree was granted more than 3 years prior to your application, you may submit all letters from non-academic sources. The recommending individual should be able to comment on your potential to be a successful graduate student. 
    • Letters (called "Evaluations" in CSDCAS) are requested from writers by applicants while applying in CSDCAS.  See Evaluations in the CSDCAS Applicant Help Center.
    • Information for letter writers on how to submit to CSDCAS is at the Letters by Liaison Help Center
  • Note: The GRE or CBEST is not required to apply. 

Information on checking the status of your CSDCAS application can be viewed HERE.

Apply to the university via Cal State Apply between October 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021

Minimum requirements to apply to Cal State East Bay as a graduate student are at the prospective graduate student information website.

Required application materials include

  • Transcripts from all institutions you have previously attended.  
    • Do not send transcripts until after you have completed your Cal State Apply application.
    • Please refer to How To Submit Documents
    • If you applied to Cal State East Bay in the past, please contact the university at to find out if you need to resubmit transcripts. 
      • Please include your NetID or the last four digits of your social security number, and the last term you applied for.
  • For the Supporting Information section in Cal State Apply, you do not need to submit any Experiences if you are only applying to Cal State East Bay. 

 For The Undergraduate Program:

Undergraduates do not need to apply to the Speech Pathology and Audiology major, which course sequence begins Fall Semester.   We encourage you to read through our FAQ, and email with any follow-up questions you may have.