Bilateral Exchange: Korea

Chung-Ang University


  • Seoul, Korea

Period of Study

  • Semester and year long programs

Program dates

  • Fall Semester: September 1st - to the 3rd week of December
  • Spring Semester: March 2nd - to the 3rd week of June


  • Enrollment at Cal State East Bay for one quarter prior to departure
  • Cumulative G.P.A. of 2.7
  • Upper division standing (90 quarter units) by the time you study overseas
  • Completion of all required remedial courses prior to departure

Language Requirement

  • None: Instruction in English. Students can take Korean language courses while abroad.

Priority Application Deadlines

  • Fall Semester: April 1st
  • Spring Semester: October 1st

Progam Features

  • Students maintain their status as Cal State East Bay students.
  • Students continue to pay Cal State East Bay tuition. Tuition of the host university is waived.
  • Exchange students earn resident credit for all regular coursework done at the overseas campus. Normally, grades earned on an exchange will count toward the CSUEB GPA.
  • Financial aid applies, if eligible, except from work study.

More information available at the Center for International Education (SF 102) or on the Chung-Ang University website.

About Chung-Ang University

Chung-Ang University is located in the heart of Seoul, South Korea, near the Han River. Accredited in 1953, the University prides itself on a philosophy of truth through scholarship, with the purpose of nurturing educational attributes necessary for leadership, and the promotion of global diversity and culture. Chung-Ang University offers a rewarding international experience to students with its diverse-culture related program. Exchange students are able to participate in a Buddy System Program, Cultural Activities that include field trips, and clubs. The Chung-Ang exchange program allows students to participate in regular academic programs offered in Korean and English. Students can acquire valuable Korean language skills and Culture related expertise. As a key component to the diversity of the University, students are challenged to develop personally and academically.

About the City of Seoul

Dating back to 18 BCE., Seoul is the center of political, economic, and cultural life in South Korea. Clustered around Seoul are also a number of smaller cities, which form a continuous and sprawling urban area. The continued development of Seoul and its neighboring cities, make South Korea Dynamic! In and around Seoul is the largest concentration of the nation's industries. As the hub of South Korea's transportation networks, Seoul has a railroad network which connects to all parts of the country, allowing for easy access via bus lines, subway trains or taxi transport. Seoul is South Korea's gateway to the world.

South Korea

Confucianism, of China, is the basis of the culture: a system of ethics emphasizing peace, justice, devotion, respect for parents, family, friends, and authority. In addition, South Korea is deeply devoted to the arts, where traditional dance, music, and literature continue to thrive. Koreans consider "Hangeul," their language and script, an art form. However, appreciation is paid to traditional and contemporary work such as architecture, sculpture, and calligraphy.

Coursework Available

Chung-Ang University International Center

Student Exchange Programs

The International Center (IC) is responsible for initiating and implementing international cooperation on academic programs between Chung-Ang University and the world's prestigious higher educational institutions. Exchange activities include mutual collaboration in research, academic conferences and seminars, as well as reciprocal programs of students and faculty.

The center offers a unique short term Korean culture program during the summer vacations for the international students from partner institutions. The 3-week program contains Korean studies and basic Korean language. It also includes field work in which students can get cultural experience by visiting various cultural sites and participating in traditional musical and dance performances.

Chung-Ang University administers a wide range of student exchange programs with its partner schools around the world on one semester or an academic year basis. Credits earned at Chung-Ang University can be tranferred back to CSUEB.

Program includes:

  • Undergraduate courses offered in Korean in all subjects
  • Undergraduate courses offered in English**
  • Graduate courses offered in English at Graduate School of International Studies (*Undergraduate exchange students are allowed to take courses of Graduate School of International Studies)
  • Special courses on Korean Studies in English for exchange students
  • Special courses on Korean culture, music, drama and performing art**
  • Korean Language courses both in Korean and English

**these courses are not guaranteed and are subject to change. Students will need to apply for one department and college upon application.

Within the exchange program, students are assisted with housing, orientation, general academic affairs, university facilities, health insurance, and personal concerns. A buddy system is intact to help each exchange student in daily campus life. As well as offering cultural programs for students who want to learn about Korean language.


Beautiful housing opportunities at the Chung-Ang University campus in Seoul include: four bedroom apartments which are 15 minutes, on foot, from the campus. There are furnished apartments for 5 persons and equipped with 3 single rooms and 1 double room. Students share a kitchen and living room.

  • Furnishing: Bed, mattress, pillow, blanket, spread sheet, towel, desk and chair.
  • Kitchen: Shared by three to five students, equipped with table and chairs, refrigerator, gas stove.
  • Two bathrooms: Bath tub and toilet shared by two students.
  • Laundry facilities: Washing machine.
  • Other: Students must bring their own notebook computers, cookers, and cleaning items.

All apartments are equipped with a safe digital doorlock system.

Cost and Financial Aid


As exchange students, you pay Cal State East Bay tuition in addition to round-trip airfare, room and board, and personal expenses. Cal State East Bay tuition will be paid before departure.

Medical Insurance Requirement:

Students are also required to be covered by Medical Insurance that is valid in Korea and in any additional countries you plan to travel to. You should also plan funds for emergencies.


Below are estimates of costs for one year to help you financially plan your trip. To find out the US dollar equivalence, go to XE currency site and look under Currency Table or Currency Converter.

Estimated Expences for one year are as follows:

  • Books and supplies: $500 USD
  • Meals: $3,000 USD
  • Personal Expenses: $2,500 USD
  • Local Transportation: $500 USD
  • Housing:$3,000 USD*
  • Program Total: $9,500 USD
  • Housing can be deducted if a housing allowance is received.
  • This housing allowance can be offered through one of the scholarship programs or through your financial aid.
  • You will be reponsible for purchasing your plane ticket to and from Korea (estimate cost $1,600)

Financial aid, except for work study, is applicable on your CSUEB exchange program. Be sure to visit your Financial Aid Counselor before applying.

Scholarships and benefits

Special Scholarships include:

CAU Dragon A Scholarship which is a Voluntary Service Scholarship for native speakers of English, in the amount of $1,500.00 USD per semester, during 12 weeks of each semester. You will work 12 hours of service per week including duties such as serivce at the departments, provide volunteer assistance either on or outside the campus, teach English, and provide lectures at affiliated schools and kindergarten.


Center for International Education
  • 25800 Carlos Bee Boulevard
  • Hayward, CA 94542
  • LeShawn Cheatham
  • Study Abroad Advisor
  • Phone: (510) 885-2880
  • Fax number: (510) 885-2787