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Sarah H. Mohr, MSW, Class of 2017

Sarah, working locally as a social worker, recently published "Liberation Psychology from an Islamic Perspective" in the Journal of Religion and Society. Sarah is also working on publishig her university thesis for which she won Cal State East Bay's Harrington Outstanding University Thesis Award. Sarah also has a personal blog, which gathers her articles and blogs from Muslim Girl and Muslim Mental Health.

Starr R. Stoddard, MSW, Class of 2017

Starr, a social worker in the Bay Area, just published a brief article on her personal journey in Mad in America, whose mission is to rethink psychiatric care, especially how the current drug-based paradigm fails our society. Starr welcomes you to email her your thoughts, even if you disagree with her opinions, at starrstoddard@gmail.com.

Alejandra Olguin, MSW, Class of 2018

Ajejandra is a founding member of Nija'nu A.C., a non-profit organization in a small town of Mixteca Region, Oaxaca, Mexico, providing support for elderly residents whose younger generations reside in the Napa area of California. See a video about the work of Nija'nu.

Roman Flintroy, MSW, Class of 2015

Roman recently founded cottonca.org, Collective Organization Towards Teaching Our Nation, a non-profit organization that provides workshops, wellness counseling, mentorship, and leadership initiatives to enrich the lives of youth and young adults. (There's an East Bay class photo at the bottom of the website's front page.)

Najeeb Kamil, MSW, Class of 2009

Najeeb participated in our CalSWEC IV-E Child Welfare Training Program and is currently Senior Analyst at Santa Cruz County Human Services and a member of our IV-E Advisory Board. Read an article about Najeeb.

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