Social Work Professional Organizations

Social Work Professional Organizations

Connecting and collaborating with other social workers is an important part of education, practice, policy, and research. Social workers have a distinct professional identity and strong values and ethics that guide our work. Please see below for some professional organizations that partner with our MSW program.

Council on Social Work Education

Our MSW program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Read the CSWE Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (2015), which includes important information about social work competencies expected of graduates from accredited bachelor's and master's of social work programs across the U.S. Summaries of our program's assessment results are provided in the following links.

National Association of Social Workers

The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) includes state and local branches that provide training, support, and networking opportunities to social work students, faculty, and practitioners. We are pleased to work with NASW Region C and NASW-CA.

NASW also supports social work organizations focused on practice, research, and policy with racial and ethnic groups and LGBTQ+ communities.

On August 4, 2017, the NASW Delegate Assembly voted the most substantive change to the NASW Code of Ethics since 1996.

Janlee Wong, Executive Director, NASW California Chapter, discusses the revised Code of Ethics with MSW students (4/10/18)

A photo of Janlee Wong giving a presentation

California Board of Behavioral Sciences

The California Board of Behavioral Sciences licenses social workers to practice in our state. The Department of Social Work prepares students to seek licensure if they wish to. We provide students with a course map showing how our courses align with pre-licensure requirements and offer general guidance on the licensure process. Many of our alums go on to earn their license. However, admission into the program does not guarantee that students will obtain a license. Licensure requirements are set by agencies that are not controlled by or affiliated with the California State University and licensure and certification requirements can change at any time. For more information, please see the CSUEB Program Accreditation site.