Faculty & Office Hours

Please note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, our department is operating remotely. Current students: Please access the list of all faculty office hours with zoom links in Blackboard/Organizations/Social Work Majors. For all other inquiries, please email the faculty member you are trying to reach or check out Contact Us page.

Full-Time Faculty

LeQuita Carroll-McKoy

LeQuita Carroll-McKoy, MSW, MPA

Field Director / Lecturer

Michelle Morales

Michelle Charron, MSW, PPSC

Field Liaison / Lecturer

Renee Fentress

Renee Fentress, MSW

Field Liaison / Lecturer

Sin Goh

Siang Sin Goh, MSW, M.Ed.

Project Coordinator, Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Program

a picture of professor kristen gustavson

Kristen Gustavson

Assistant professor

JP Horn

John Paul Horn PhD, MSW

Office: Meiklejohn 4062

Email: jp.horn@csueastbay.edu


Toni Naccarato

Toni Naccarato, PhD, MSW

Associate Professor

professor Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor, PhD, MSW

Chair and Professor

Holly Vugia

Holly Vugia, PhD, LCSW, PPSC

Professor & Graduate Coordinator

Diane Woods

Dianne Rush Woods, PhD, MPH

Professor Emerita

Part-Time Faculty

Marcos Apolonio

Marcos Apolonio LCSW

Benn Barr

Ben D. Barr, PhD, LCSW

Stacey Bellone

Stacey Bellone MSW, LCSW

Office: Meiklejohn 4063

Email: stacey.bellone@csueastbay.edu



Ruvani Fonseka

Ruvani Fonseka MSW

Email: ruvani.fonseka@csueastbay.edu


Kadija Johnston LCSW

Kadija Johnston LCSW

Email: kadija.johnston@csueastbay.edu


Virginia Jones

Virginia Jones, EdD, LCSW

Email: virginia.jones2@csueastbay.edu


Sakari Lyons

Sakari Lyons, MSW

Leo Martinez

Leo Martinez

Office: Meiklejohn 4067

Email: leo.martinez@csueastbay.edu


G. Allen Ratliff

G. Allen Ratliff MSW, LCSW

Office: Meiklejohn 4067

Email: gallen.ratliff@csueastbay.edu 


Professor Emeritus

professor terry jones

Terry Jones, PhD, MSW