Healing the Trauma of Racism Altar - Movement Project

Healing the Trauma of Racism Altar - Movement Project

As a second wing of the altar project, we have launched the "Healing the Trauma of Racism Altar - Movement Project." We will collect videos of duets (1 - 2 minutes long) between one person moving and one person either speaking, singing, playing music, rapping, or contributing sound in some way.

The duets will engage with the themes of the altar and can either take place in person at the altar site (CSUEB's University Theatre Lobby,) remotely on zoom, or in person at other locations.

Anyone is invited to initiate and/or participate in one of these social justice focused duets. No previous experience needed. We can film your duet or you can. We can pair you with a duet partner, or you can pick your own. In-person participants must wear face coverings and stay at least 6 feet apart from each other. People of all abilities/disabilities, ethnicities, body size & shape, ages, artistic backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, global locations, and body identities are invited to contribute.

Contact Department Chair Eric Kupers at eric.kupers@csueastbay.edu to join in.


THEMES The duets can address any and/or all of these themes, in whatever ways make sense to the artists:

1.Say Their Names: Honoring the memory of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color killed by the police and white supremacy culture in the last two decades (or more);

2. Ancestral Healing: Connecting to our diverse ancestral lineages for rituals, stories, practices, and other healing elements;

3. Intersectionality: Exploring the intersectional webs of oppression, identity, and social justice activism;

4. Planting Seeds for a World Free of Racism: How do we envision a world without racism? What kinds of inclusive community structures do we dream of? How do we get there?

5. Loving and Inhabiting our Bodies: Making space for the unique body each of us lives in (the only one exactly like this, ever in the universe, throughout time.) How can we honor all of our emotional, spiritual, energetic, and physical experiences of racism, trauma, healing, and renewal from within our own bodies? How can we embody social justice now? How can we respect the inherent value and dignity of all bodies--and especially those very different from our own?

For more info contact: eric.kupers@csueastbay.edu

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