1964 Theatre Archive

  • February 28-29, March 6-7, 1964
  • By William Saroyan
  • Opera by Douglas Moore
  • Directed by Charles Riley
  • (Highlands Theatre)

Hello Out There is a dramatic story of loneliness set in a small town jail in Texas. Gallantry the opera is a light hearted spoof on television soap opera, complete with hospital setting and soap commercials.

All The King’s Men flyer

  • May 14-16, May 21-23, 1964
  • By Robert Penn Warren
  • Directed by Donald B. Muir
  • (Highlands Theatre)

This is a story of a “great” man with infinite possibilities who has done evil and brings about his own destruction.

Alice in Wonderland flyer

  • May 23, 1964
  • By Chorpenning
  • (Kimball School)
  • Children’s Theatre

Misalliance flyer

  • November 20-21, 26-28, 1964
  • By George Bernard Shaw
  • Directed by Donald B. Muir
  • (Highlands Playhouse)

For some reason, no one in the play is content with what they are or what they have, except for Mrs. Tarleton. Everybody is busy with talk, and no one ever seems to listen.

  • 1964/65
  • By Grenzeback
  • Children’s Theatre.