1971 Theatre Archive

Little Me flyer

  • January 5-11, 1970
  • By Neil Simon
  • Music by Cy Colman
  • Lyrics by Crolyn Leigh
  • Directed by Larry J. Linda
  • (Highlands Theatre)
  • An Alpha Psi Omega Fraternity Student Production.
  • 1971
  • Directed by Richard Grant
  • A musical medley by the Black Performing Arts Troupe.

Barefoot in the Park flyer

  • January 21-24, 1970 or 71
  • By Neil Simon
  • (Highlands Playhouse)
  • An Alpha Psi Omega student production.

Mostly Mirth, Mildly Malicious flyer

  • February 5-7, 1971
  • Adapted by Jeanne Hall
  • Directed by Jeanne Hall
  • (Highlands Playhouse)
  • Reader’s Theatre

The Lion and the Jewel & The Trials of Brother Jero flyer

  • February 12-14, 1971
  • By Wole Soyinka
  • (MB 1055)
  • Presented by the Black Performing Arts Troupe.

Tartuffe flyer

  • February 26-28, March 5-7, 1971
  • By Moliere
  • Directed by Donald B. Muir
  • (Highlands Playhouse)

Tartuffe is a seemingly pious "man of the cloth". Beneath his veneer of religious fervor and zeal is a conniving rascal – a bum out to get wealth while satisfying the desires of his flesh.

The Magic Isle! flyer

  • April 23-24, 1971
  • By Wesly Van Tassle
  • (Chabot College)
  • Children’s Theatre

U.S.A. flyer

  • April 30, May 1-2, 1971
  • By John Dos Passos & Paul Shyre
  • (Highlands Playhouse)
  • Reader’s Theatre

Stalag 17 flyer

  • May 21-23, 28-30, 1971
  • By Donald Bevan & Edmund Trzcinski
  • Directed by James O. Costy
  • (Highlands Playhouse)

The hit play is about life in World War II P.O.W camp. This is the last production to show in the Highlands Playhouse.

Taming of the Shrew flyer

  • August 20-22, 27-29, 1971
  • By William Shakespeare
  • Directed by James O. Costy
  • (Meiklejohn Hall Courtyard)

The Lady's Not For Burning flyer

  • November 26-28, December 3-5, 1971
  • By Christopher Fry
  • Directed by Donald B. Muir
  • (Studio Theatre)

British author Christopher Fry is concerned with the tribulations of a young woman, who for an assortment of reasons, is accused of witchcraft by the townspeople of an English community in "The 15th Century, either more or less or exactly". First production in the new theatre building.

A Note of Welcome 1971 (The Lady's Not For Burning)

A very hearty welcome to our new theatre facility! After many years of planning and praying we are finally here.

The room you are in is called the Studio Theatre. In the future we will use this room for our experimental productions that call for various types of audience-stage arrangements. At present, because of severe budget restrictions, we have to use this space for all of our productions. As you can see the seating arrangements are temporary, but we hope they are adequate for your enjoyment of the performance.

Next year we hope to be able to welcome you to our fully equipped Main Theatre which will comfortably seat 500. Meanwhile our new scenic and costume construction areas are now operating full blast and our educational program is growing in size and capability.

We are happy, at least, to have a home and we hope you will come and visit us often.

Cinderella of Loreland flyer

  • December 2-6, 1971
  • By Frances Homer
  • Directed by Jeanne Hall
  • (Studio Theatre)
  • Children's Theatre