Theatre Archive


Rising Stars

  • January 19-20 2000
  • (Univ. Theatre)

First Annual Preview of participants in Regional festival of the American College Dance Festival & the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival.

Dinner For Eight

  • March 3-4, 10-12 2000
  • Directed by Laura Renaud-Wilson
  • Music by Jason Eckl
  • (Univ. Theatre)

Choreographed by faculty & students, with special guest choreographer, Joe Goode.  This is an original musical performed by 19 performers who have collaborated in the creation of the piece, relating wacky, joyous excerpts of life experiences woven together through song and dance.  The episodes take place in a restaurant, in which the main characters, their guests, and the waiters interact, creating a colorful production with many surprises.

Stage Readings

  • March 5 2000
  • (Studio Theatre)

Gender in the Family” readings in celebration of International Women’s Day.  Women Faculty from the Department of: Art, French, History, Library, Public Administration, Philosophy, Speech, and Theatre, will perform.

An Evening of Short Plays by Samuel Beckett

  • April 21-22, 28-29 2000
  • Directed by Ric Prindle
  • (Studio Theatre)

Rumpelstiltskin and the Magic Eye

  • May 6-7 2000
  • Directed by Chelsea Thorp
  • Adapted by Brenda Berlin
  • (Studio Theatre)

Sondheim vs. Webber

  • May 18-21 2000
  • Written by Adam Fresquez, Robert Ramirez & James Monroe Iglehart
  • Directed by Adam Fresquez & James Monroe Iglehart
  • (Univ. Theatre)

Broadway composers Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber are portrayed as musical rivals in the original musical revue.  Two teams on the stage will compete for points from a judge by performing vignettes that feature selections from popular musicals.

  • June 1-4 2000
  • Supervised by Edgardo de la Cruz
  • Bill A: June 1 & 3, Bill B: June 2 & 4.
  • (Studio Theatre)

The annual showcase produced & directed by advanced theatre students.

Buried Voices/Spoken Words

  • June 4 2000
  • Dr. Kaufman theatre 3310

A performance of readings by Ethnic Women Writers of the U.S.  “Remembering the Loss” read by Peggy Garcia, Leeann Huelster, Laurie Plewa, Robin Sheff. “From Girl to Woman” read by Allison Long, Meredith, Lorello, Debbie Antonio, Paulette Silveira.  “Mother Tongue, Father Country” ready by Carie Burgess, Norma Gibbons, Elaine Martens, Tom Murphy, Cathy Rubin.  “Unending Song” read by Michelle Dudum, Bonnie Fox, Scott Martin, Jay Nelson, Suzan Taylor.

Aces Wild The Glass Menagerie

  • July 20-23 2000
  • Written by Tennessee Williams
  • Directed by Edgardo de la Cruz
  • (Studio Theatre)

Tennessee Williams’ melancholy masterwork. “The Glass Menagerie” revolutionized American theatre when it hit Broadway in 1945. The drama depicts the lives of a broken Southern family, trapped by tradition and yearning to escape.

Highlands Summer Theatre Love & Death on the West Side

  • July 29-30 2000
  • Choreographed and Directed by Eric Kupers
  • Contributing Choreographers: Kimiko Guthrie and Josie Alvite
  • Music by Albert Mathias, Monica Pasqual and Pamela Z
  • (Univ. Theatre)

Inspired by West Side Story and Rome and Juliet, Love and Death collide these classic stories with contemporary dance, issues, ideas and experiences. This multi-disciplinary piece brings poignant themes to life through the interweaving of dynamic modern dance, emotionally resonant theatre, athletic partnering, and surrealistic images. This program also includes “Freedom to Be” Choreographed by Deborah Hurley & Yuko Nakai. Also “Chungshindue” choreographed by Trina Nahm-Mijo, During W.W. II, between 100-200,000 young girls, most of them virgins between the ages of 12 to 20 years old, were taken from their villages in Korea and conscripted by the Japanese army as “sex slaves”(chungshindae). The serviced 40-60 soldiers per night. This piece is dedicated to their memory and the belief that the horror of war must end.

Highlands Summer Theatre

  • August 4-5, 11-13 2000
  • By Robbins, Laurents, Bernstein and Sondheim
  • Directed by Christine Plowright
  • Musical Director James Gilman
  • (Univ. Theatre)

The famed 20th century update of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” This poignant story of tragic love, set in the midst of a racial battle between teenage street gangs, has withstood the test of time by virtue of its gritty choreography and stunning music.

Highlands Summer Theatre Antony and Cleopatra

  • August 18-19, 25-27 2000
  • By William Shakespeare
  • Directed by Karen Moore
  • (Studio Theatre)

The death of Julius Caesar sweeps the most powerful rulers of Ancient Rome into a tale of passion, temptation, warfare, and betrayal.

Stop The World I want to Get Off

  • November 10-19 2000
  • Book, Music and Lyrics by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley
  • Directed by Edgardo de la Cruz
  • Musical Director Marianna Wolff
  • Mime Director Jon Nagel
  • (Univ. Theatre)

This musical is a modern equivalent of “Everyman, a morality play about Man’s journey through the vicissitudes of growing up, loving, marriage, work, etc. It takes the teatre populaire metaphors of circus tent and clowns to present the journey. “I actually would like the musical to achieve some kind of celebratory sense of epiphany” Edgardo.

  • December 8-9 2000
  • By Charles Dickens
  • Adapted by Robert Knight & Christine Plowright
  • Directed by Ed Wright
  • (Univ. Theatre)

The department will produce its fourth annual production of Charles Dickens’ timeless holiday classic, “A Christmas Carol.” Being that this is a show produced for children the dark and heavy stuff will be out but we will to our best to stick to the original story.