2010 Theatre Archive

Publicity for Chicago

  • March 5-7, 12-14, 2010
  • Music by John Kander
  • Lyrics by Fred Ebb
  • Book by Ebb and Bob Fosse
  • Directed by Darryl V. Jones
  • (Univ. Theatre)

Premiering in 1975 and the hit of the 1997 Broadway season in a production that originated at City Center’s Encore! Series, Chicago won six Tony awards including Best Revival.  In the CSUEB production of CHICAGO the roaring twenties shimmies its way to the high spending two thousands before crash.  In this version of the classic femme fatale musical, gangster meets “ganstah” and gun moll meets video “video vixen” in “A pulse racing revival….that flies us right into musical heaven.”  N.Y. Times.

Publicity for Wayward

  • May 7-8, 14-16, 2010
  • Original Dance/Theatre from the CSUEB Dance Program and guests
  • Directed and Choreographed by Nina Haft, Eric Kupers
  • (Univ. Theatre)

"Wayward" is an immersive dance theater event, leading audiences on an unexpected journey through, around and beyond the CSUEB University Theatre. Combining original dance/theater vignettes, with short plays by Samuel Beckett, all created for a delicious collection of site-specific locations, "Wayward" examines the joys and sorrows of getting lost and getting found with the appetite for wandering.

Publicity for Performance Fusion

  • May 28-30, June 4-6, 2010
  • (Univ. Theatre)

Each year a new group of advanced students light a fire of imagination that we call "Fusion." Come see this special collection of short plays, performance art, dance, and dance theatre. We never know what will happen, so watch for the spring announcement to learn what's to be presented each evening.

  • July 23-25, 2010
  • By William Shakespeare
  • Directed by Dawn Monique Williams
  • (Music Recital Hall)

This Tempest asks what a New World teaches us, where one woman holds the powers of advancement, liberty, redemption, and love? In August the company will tour this show to Scotland and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe under the banner of our international touring arm, Aces Wild Theatre (aceswildtheatre.com). The Aces bring their "rough magic" to Shakespeare's romance in a beautifully imagined, multimedia, regendered production.

  • July 26-27 2010 
  • A potpourri of original works by the students of Professor A. Fajilan
  • Directed by A. Fajilan
  • (Studio Theatre)

Ranging from spoken word to intense monologues to feisty scenes, the writers and actors of New Works expose their inner demons and global concerns in a provocative evening of theatre.

Publicity for Halie!

  • July 29-31, August 1, 2010
  • A musical celebration of the life and legacy of Mahalia Jackson coproduced with the CSUEB Associated Students, Inc.
  • Conceived and Written by Wendy E. Taylor
  • Musical Arrangements and Musical Direction by Mary D. Watkins
  • Original Arrangements by Andrzej Danek
  • Directed by Darryl V. Jones
  • (Univ. Theatre)

Halie! Celebrates the life of Mahalia Jackson, the “Queen of Gospel Music,” and her epic rise from humble roots in New Orleans, through her early days as a Chicago church singer, to the pinnacle of her career in music, television, film, and on the political stage. Halie! will be a feel-good event that inspires the soul and ignites faith in a better tomorrow. 

Publicity for Xtigone

  • November 12-13, 19-21, 2010
  • A new play from the acclaimed contemporary playwright based on the ancient Greek tragedy Antigone, by Sophocles.
  • By Nambi Kelley
  • Directed by Darryl V. Jones
  • (Univ. Theatre)

In this modern staging of the Greek tragedy set in Anywhere-Urban-Blight, USA,  Antigone stands alone against the street gang violence that is leading to premature deaths of young men in her city.  Antigone’s two brothers die in a violent street battle over drug turf that was ordered by her corrupt drug king uncle, Creon.  One of the bodies remains unburied as a reminder to people of just what happens when you don’t play by his rules.  Believing that her brother’s spirit will never be free of torment without a proper burial, Antigone defies Creon, buries her brother, and sets in motion a series of tragic events.  This powerfully moving story is told vividly through the dance, music, and the traditions of the culturally diverse East Bay.  The production honors the mothers who have lost their sons to the streets too soon and questions when the violence will be put to a stop.

  • December 3-4 2010
  • An extravaganza of dance and song
  • Produced by Nina Haft, Eric Kupers, and the CSUEB dance faculty
  • Musical Ensemble Produced and Directed by Darryl V. Jones
  • Program A:  December 3 at 7pm
  • Program B:  December 4 at 4pm
  • Program C:  December 4 at 8pm
  • Dance Studio (PE 140)

This annual holiday concert introduces performers and work from across the campus and community. See the seeds of pieces that will develop throughout the year, the bold experiments of both advanced and fledgling students. A diverse feast for the senses

Publicity for Scroogie

  • December 10-11, 2010
  • Loosely based on Charles Dickens’ holiday classic.
  • Conceived by A. Fajilan and Darryl V. Jones
  • Developed with CSUEB students in the Dramatic Activities for Children class
  • Book and Direction by A. Fajilan
  • Music, Lyrics, and Musical Direction by Darryl V. Jones
  • Musical Associate Sierra Dee
  • Choreographers Amy Le Faille and Reggie White
  • (Univ. Theatre)

A delightful modern musical re-telling of the Dickens holiday classic.  In this new musical, we find Scroogie isolated from the East Bay community in which he resides and living in a virtual world of cyber greed and avarice.  As Scroogie is downloaded into the past he encounters a ghostly visitor who dresses and sings like Elvis.  When he is uploaded into the present he is reprimanded by a reggae rappin’, hip hop apparition while Tiny Tim diets on fast food.  With a new musical score, loads of singing and dancing, and a hysterically funny satirical point of view, this clever adaptation of the Dickens classic promises to be in the “spirits” of the season.